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A Bit Of: Needing A New Contributor, Planking, Ovechkin and More

Funny. But Weber got the last laugh.
Funny. But Weber got the last laugh.

With the inevitable loss of The Stanchion to The Province, the door of opportunity has been opened for us at Nucks Misconduct to take on a new contributor or two. What we are looking for: Monday - Friday morning posts with a bit of opinion but mostly links to Canucks news and NHL news. As with what Stanchion provided, humor is always welcomed, but it's not a necessity. So if you want the opportunity to reach a wider audience with your writing, which SportsBlog Nation definitely provides: drop an email to Yankee Canuck and myself expressing interest, linking to a website you write for (if applicable), or showcase your talent in Nucks Misconduct's FanPost section. We'll even accept recommendations.

OK, some Canucks / NHL links after the jump.


  • A couple of funny moments from last night's pond hockey game: the Green Men returned with ammo, and Ryan Kesler planking on the net, or humping the net, or whatever you want to call it:
  • Photobucket



  • Ken Henderson, the magnificent artist who works at (StraightJab) has a new masterpiece up called "Masked Controversy".
  • 11-year-old Ben Steiner got to be a reporter for a day for the Vancouver Sun recently. Check it out. Change your career path, kid! And don't ask Luongo about Schneider.

  • Pavel Bure, Andy Murray, Phil Housley and 2 others will enter the class of 2012 for the International Ice Hockey Federation Hall Of Fame. (The Province). Now if Pavel and his girlie-named brother would stop bitching about the Canucks maybe we'd retire his jersey, or give him a Ring Of Honor nod.
  • I'm gonna pimp my own Photoshop of Cory Schneider, since the nickname "C-Wall" came up on Twitter yesterday:
  • Photobucket

    I don't know if that nickname will stick or not. But I really like how it's fitting to Vancouver.


  • Lyle Richardson from Spector's Hockey rounds up the Bobby Ryan trade rumors that are still ongoing (Spector's Hockey). Of course, this should simmer down after the coach being fired.
  • Dimitry Chesnokov from Puck Daddy talks with Alexander Ovechkin about Boudreau, Hunter, Crosby and more. (Puck Daddy)
  • The Paulina Gretzky / Daddy / Twitter thang is on-going. Yeah Wayne, you let her buy new boobs, and look what happens hey? (Puck Daddy) Millions of men worldwide rejoice.
  • Video: Cabbie Presents: The Twitter Tour. (TSN)
  • In case you had not heard: The Flames have lost their best defenceman Mark Giordano to a hamstring injury. And speaking of Flames defencemen, Cory Sarich wants to get the hell outta Calgary. Wow. You know, if there was ever a time to rebuild a team...start from scratch? Tank?
  • James Reimer and Ryan Miller are ready to return to the nets of their respective teams.
  • This might be the perfect hockey hit, as SBN's Travis Hughes mentions:
  • IF you are about the same height as the guy you are hitting. If Edler does that it's a head shot.


  • The word F**K. Which kind of makes me feel better after last night's circus act.