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More Like A Breeze - Canucks @ Hurricanes Gamethread

4:00 pm PST, SNet Van (not like we're missing much)Enemy territory: Canes CountryEnemy pro: Their team has seriously crashed over the last 5 years.Enemy con: They still have a bragging right over us in terms of Stanley Cups.

Okay, I will admit, my tastes in music have been generally been kept under the radar on this blog. Come on, how can I talk about Lady Gaga and Beyonce around the metal lovers here? Anyways, since I'm working today, I had to prep this thread last night. And the chorus of this song was the only theme I could think of. Interesting, it doesn't sound as loud as other songs of the "heavy metal" genre. Probably why it's so much more famous.....
Anyways, Canucks visit the Hurricanes in the one game we'll play against them all season. I can definitely say that right now, because Carolina couldn't possibly make it to June at this rate. Which is why they're more like a breeze than a hurricane right now....

Coconuts go.