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Morning Buzz: Old Sedin jokes, a star-studded injured list, and 24/7 starts tonight

Do you like entertaining hockey games? Then you probably did not enjoy the Canucks game against the Blue Jackets last night. Do you hate the holiday season and daydream about being on a beach with lots of beautiful women and a German metal band? Then you'll love this. Do you think I should just shutup and give you the news, like some human teleprompter? Well, okay then, but you're missing out!

Contrary to what John Garrett might tell you, the Canucks deserve no credit for "coming back" from down 1-0 against the worst team in the league to earn a point. The team looked sluggish in the first, and while they were better in the two periods that followed and Columbus did a decent job of clogging the lanes, they're still the Blue Jackets, Steve Mason is still a goalie with a 3.46 GAA and .881 SV%, and there was no excuse for the Canucks not to come away with the 2 points. The Canucks have been scoring a lot of goals lately, so you could argue they were due for a bit of a letdown, and the PowerPlay didn't pull through for once, going 0-for-4. Was this just "one of those games" that we can effectively pretend never happened, or was it an indicator of any underlying issues that may become bigger later on in the year?

Vancouver Canucks news:

  • My Twitter stream last night was a constant diarrhea of comments about Dave Bolland calling the Sedins "sisters". Channeling his 2002 Neil McRae, I see. This really shouldn't be much of a story, but it is/will be in Vancouver. Puck Daddy has a good article about it, linking to the original interview and a couple of our favourite local bloggers. [Puck Daddy]
  • j.Bowman breaks down exactly how to get out of work early to catch the start of the Canucks game while they're on this Eastern road trip. Hilarious stuff. Canucks blogs sure are replete with Office Space references lately. [Legion of Blog]
  • What's it like being a die-hard Canucks fan being married to a die-hard Canucks hater? Being a whiskey drinker, I can relate to being in love with something that hates me. [Canucks Army]
  • There isn't much Canucks news today, so if you missed it, read this tweet from David Booth. HAHA! DIDDLY POO! [Twitter]

NHL news:

  • The news gets worse for NHL superstars: Claude Giroux is out indefinitely with a concussion. He joins his own teammate Chris Pronger on the list of stars on the sidelines with concussions, while Sidney Crosby and Mike Richards battle "concussion-like" symptoms. Marty St. Louis is also out indefinitely with an eye injury. This is turning into the most uneventful scoring race in recent memory. If things continue like this, is a Sedin a lock to win it again? [UPDATE: Milan Michalek, Jeff Skinner and Joni Pitkanen are also out with concussions now. Wow!] [CBC]
  • The Terry Murray-less LA Kings still can't score, as they were shutout by the Bruins last night. Interesting stat from that game: that was the first time the Bruins have beat Jonathan Quick in 6 career match-ups. []
  • The San Jose Sharks have made a holiday video, and it's unreal. Pay attention to the captions, like "A perfect gift for those with anger issues!" for John McEnroe's racket. Also, when does Jo Thronton not have a black eye? [Puck Daddy]
  • Theo Fleury has called for the firing of Montreal Gazette writer Pat Hickey after Hickey referred to Theo as an "enabler" in a column about Graham James. [National Post]
  • Finally, the day has come: HBO 24/7 Flyers/Rangers: Road to the Winter Classic premiers tonight at 10 pm Eastern time. [HBO]