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Morning Buzz: Jumping to conclusions for tonight's game against Columbus

How will the Canucks fare tonight against the Columbus Blue Jackets? Forget about predictions, lets jump to conclusions, Office Space-style.


Edler breaking a stick and the twins posting several points are the safe bets, or will you go OFF THE MAT?!

If you're sick of this nonsense, click through for some news.

Vancouver Canucks news:

  • Here a quick clip of Cody Hodgson talking about the hit on Saturday. He certainly looks fine. There is absolutely no way that the Canucks medical staff, Alain Vigneault or Mike Gillis would allow Hodgson to play if there was even a chance he wasn't 100%, with all the talk this year about concussions. [Canucks TV]
  • Team toughness has been the story of the week, as it seems teams have been deliberately playing more physical against the Canucks lately. This is a good, all-encompassing post from Thomas Drance on the matter. [Canucks Army]
  • The Blue Jackets are dressing a goon and putting Steve Mason in net tonight, which is a terrific strategy against the team that is over 5% more efficient than any other in the NHL on the PowerPlay. [The Cannon]
  • In case you haven't noticed, the Sedins have been taking a lot of hooking penalties this year. They're also still pretty good at hockey. [Vancouver Sun]
  • Zdeno Chara A bear was captured in downtown Vancouver yesterday. All this while Chara remains out of the Bruins lineup with a knee injury. COINCIDENCE?! [CBC]

NHL news:

  • Yesterday's post contained rumbling that Terry Murray was on the verge of being fired, and it didn't take long for the axe to fall after those reports were made public. Rumoured to be the front-runner is Dean Lombardi's good buddy Darryl Sutter, which as a fan of a team that will be in the same conference as LA next season, I am totally onboard with. I think — and I say this as someone who doesn't get to watch the Kings that often — that an aggressive uptempo coach would do that team a lot of good. A Peter Laviolette-type. [Edmonton Journal]
  • Sidney the Kidney is out indefinitely with concussion-like symptoms. Not sure what to say, this just sucks for the league and for Crosby. [TSN]
  • Remember when Brian Burke said he wanted to fight Kevin Lowe in a barn? Here's the full interview. Worth watching for the moustache alone, which makes the whole thing feel like a cartoon. [Backhand Shelf]
  • The Hockey Writers break down the Kurtis Foster trade between the Ducks and the Devils. NJ needs help on the blueline and I'm sure they're hoping they just traded for the Kurtis Foster who scored 42 points in 71 games with the Lightning a couple seasons ago. [The Hockey Writers]
  • Is it still hockey without fighting? [New York Times]
  • And finally, Elliott Friedman's "30 thoughts", one of the best reads in hockey. [CBC]