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Again? - Canucks @ Blue Jackets Gamethread

Getty Images

4:00 pm PST, SNet Pac
Enemy territory: The Cannon
Enemy pro: Still an easy opponent....
Enemy con: Steve Mason might wake up....

These guys again? Didn't we just play them, like, 2 weeks ago? Whatever. The Blue Jackets haven't been having too much fun since we last saw them. In those 5 games, Columbus has 2 shootout wins, one OT loss, and 2 games where their opponent scored at least 5 goals on them. Stalking through Columbus's website, I found this article talking about how they spent Monday's practice focusing on defensive-zone work. Ex-Moose Jedi Master Scott Arniel thinks he still has a solid book on the Canucks. But does he?

Coconuts go.