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The NM Store: Now With 100% More Kevin Bieksa


Does that picture not say it all?

It's been awhile since we've updated the community store, but we're happy to announce that - thanks once again to (go follow him now) - there are two new designs available. First up is the Kevin Bieksa design above, inspired from his tilt with Patrick Marleau in the third round of the 2010-11 playoffs. We can only imagine the beating Mr. Unibrow would have taken had Bieksa actually brought the pain while holding a Juicebox.

The second was inspired from Terell Safadi's Black Red Yellow video that popped up during the playoff run as well. If you don't recall or feel like watching the video, you need only remember this part:


We felt this original Vancity throwback needed more lumberjack in it (hey, doesn't everything?). In turn the new NM offering:


The other designs remain of course: LUUU, the KesLORD, the revised NM logo and Shifty's sarcasm meter (brilliant in case your meter breaks every now and then).

As a reminder, your purchase of these fine products largely goes to the ecom provider, but the small percentage left over after gets kicked back to KreiderDesigns (so he can buy the requisite meds needed when Bryzgalov gets lost in the woods again) and the Canucks for Kids fund. Your humble editors come last in the pecking order...sort of like Cody Hodgson on a bad day.

If you have any another players or memes you'd like to see immortalized (Ballard hipchecking Hordichuk comes to mind) drop 'em in the comments.