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Gillis: "(Vigneault's) Not Going Anywhere"

From the Vancouver Sun today:

"Alain’s not going anywhere," Gillis said.

"I’m completely confident in our coaching staff. We’ve made a number of changes [to the roster]. We had the best season last year in the history of the Vancouver Canucks. We need to complete our task and Alain is the right person to do that."

Gillis also talked about the Canucks uncanny ability to get up against top teams and play down to the not-so elite teams. But he has confidence the consistency will return:

"When you play two months when every shift is at the highest level of any point in their career, it is difficult to recapture that emotion," he said. "But we have a good group of people who care about winning and will continue to improve and get back to the level they’re accustomed to."

So GMMG is standing pat with his coach. That's that. Let's hope the coaching staff can coach the boys to clean up their own end. The game against the Hawks was a big improvement, mostly.