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And Boom Goes the Dynamite (Now with more sweet sweet failure)

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Dan Carcillo's worst nightmare.
Dan Carcillo's worst nightmare.

There aren't too many nights when everything seems to line up so perfectly for you as a hockey fan. Maybe it's a fantasy hockey night where your sleeper pick nails out a hat trick. Maybe it's a night when your favorite player gets a highlight reel goal. Or maybe it's a night when your favorite enemy gets spanked by your team. Repeatedly. Several times. In front of their own fans. And fat Vince Vaughn.

This is what we saw last night. And as you can see by the picture I have used today, Dan Carcillo did not have a great game. I assume a pile of shoes is the worst case scenario for Dan Carcillo, and it looks like that is what he faced last night. He had too many shoes, and too many people outside of the shoes It looked like poor Dan, he was just a little over whelmed by it all. According to Dan, he had "no idea there [are] two Sedins. I thought it was just a metaphor people were using to explain how one player looked so good out there it was like he had a twin on the ice. Boy, was I wrong." 

I am sure Barry Rozner had a lot to say about it, but I don't feel like going to his website as my anti-virus program tends to flag it down as "inbred poetry" and blocks access to the website for me.

That being said, let's look at some TSN comments because there have to be some good ones from last nights game.


Embrace the Hate:


-Well it looks like Canuck fans might have enjoyed this game tonight. Something tells me this isn't a Hawks fan....something about the name....and the me crazy, but I think it's Vancouver oriented. Great PK though by the Hawks.


- To tell you the truth, Hawk fans are a little quiet today. Two pages so far of gloating Canuck fans. Where is that Hawks guy who comments after every Canuck win that it was "Only by [x] goals, how pathetic." I miss that guy. Anyways, I posted this comment because I enjoy throwing the "expose" comment back at Captain Serious whenever I can.


- Yup. People in Vancouver won't be forgetting that comment for a long long time.


- OK, we won't forget the comment, but we might not always be accurate about it apparently...In 10 years that quote is going to end up being "To quote John Scott, 'It is better to have lived and partied, then to have exposed oneself to ones own parents."


- It took 3 pages, but a Hawk fan finally shows up, shielded firmly behind his 2010 cup win. 


- Like a brick in the face out of nowhere comes this comment. This guy just rails on Edler, who I either assume didn't pick Edler in his pool this year and is now livid about Edler's point production, or is in fact Keith Ballard.


- 50% of the comments are a variation of the "exposed" comment.  Loving it.


- Ha. Country club atmosphere. I don't think this guy know what that really is. The Sedins are many things, but two guys who promote a country club atmosphere? Give me a break. That would NEVER go with their Ikea furniture. 


- A classy Hawks fan? Say it ain't so.....someone needs to now explain to him about the special "Playoff rules" the NHL likes to go by. The ones that allow other teams to slash their ways to Stanley Cups. /bitter. Damn right I'm bitter.


- This is actually a very valid point.


-This guy posted earlier. Then took an hour. An entire hour. Thinking away, coming up with another perfect gem of an insult. And came back with this. Kudos my friend.


Alright, enough TSN comments, I feel dirty, onto Canuck news!


Vancouver Canuck News:


  • Is it the fact this blog uses the same background my very first blog ever did? Is it the fact he references an article of mine? No, it is simply because I love hearing stories of non-traditional fans falling in love with our sport. Here is a take on hockey from a traditional football fan from England who wonders in amazement how we can treat our fellow fan so nicely. Great read, give it a look at [Canuck across the pond]
  • First Booth said Jesus gave him power, now the latest story is his sister gave him power. I don't know what this kid believe anymore. Anyways, if you're into ketchup metaphors (Botchford loves the ketchup metaphors), check out this article all about Booth's magical sister and how she got his ketchup out of the bottle. [Vancouver Sun]
  • The Kuz reviews the game and gets some sound bytes from some Vancouver players. Luongo admits he should have had the first goal. All of Vancouver sternly nods their heads in agreement. [Vancouver Province]
  • How did Alain Vigneault describe Aaron Rome's play last night? If you said "brilliance" repeatedly, you win! We're never getting Rome off the PP now, are we? Sigh. [Province Sports]
  • ESPN Chicago reviews the game, and assures us that Keith's absence is far more important than Burrows absence because the Hawks lost. [ESPN Chicago]
NHL News and Notes:
  • St. Louis comes out of left field and fired their head coach Davis Payne today. They replaced him with Ken Hitchcock. Congratulations, NHL, the league just got 8% more boring. [USA Today]
  • Laraque accuses players of steroid use. Every other player in the world acts like a girl on prom night who is told their pink dress looked kind of outdated. Also, by Laraque's helpful tips on spotting steroid use, Trent Klatt must have been off his mind on them. Have you seen him during an anthem on the bench? [TSN.CA]
  • On one hand, I'm glad the Leafs lost. On the other hand, I am saddened the Bruins had to do it. [Vancouver Sun]
  • To quote Homer Simpson, "Children are the future. That's why they must be stopped today". Yes, it appears that although scoring is down in the league, what scoring is being down is being completed by the young guns in the game. [Globe and Mail]
  • Will Clarke and Lindros ever kiss and make up? If they do, I expect Fox to make a TV special out of it. "Cross checking my heart"[AOL]
  • Barry Melrose will be blogging for now. Yay. I hope to see what other youngster he deems unfit to play in the NHL are. Because then I will pick them up in my hockey pool. Right away. This time, though, he is blogging about the best arenas in the NHL, which I am fairly certain he can't screw up. Pretty sure. I think. Maybe. OK, he probably screwed it up. [NHL.COM]
  • Linus Omark is threatening to take his creative arsenal of YouTube skills to Europe to form a deadly combination with Robbie Schremp over who can get the most views on their shootout skills. Come on, Linus, I loved that flip goal as much as the next guy, but Schremp is going to CREAM you in the YouTube contest. [Globe and Mail]