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Saturday Night Open Thread- Nov 5

There's a buttload of hockey tonight, and while none of it features our team (and some of you might believe that's a good thing lately) I thought it would be a good idea to slap this down and give y'all a place to hang for the evening.  Some of tonight's highlights include: Montreal taking on Sean Avery and the NY Rangers; The Jets in Jersey to take on the Devils; Columbus being sacrificed to Jagr & the Flyers; Some guy who used to play for us helping the Sabres take on Ottawa; Another Saturday night RNH-fest as the Oilers travel to Phoenix and worst (in more ways than one) plays first in the East as the Leafs host the scum for Bahstahn.  (Takes a long swig of whiskey) Go Leafs... Go.  Ugh.  The things one does in hopes of seeing their enemies crushed... Enjoy the games, because we probably won't tomorrow...