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Start Biting, Doggies - Canucks @ Blues Gamethread

5:00 pm PDT, SNet Pac
Enemy territory: St. Louis Game Time
Enemy pro: Brian Elliott will crash at some point....
Enemy con: ...... right?

Well, last night's game was bad. Really bad. Once again, the Blues come to the rescue. Notice how this is the 2nd time in a couple weeks where we have a bad game one night, then face the Blues the following night? Time for the Canucks to bounce back. Okay, maybe last time Brian Elliott shut us out, and made us look nothing like the team that went to the Finals last year. Seriously, we look like a bunch of yappy toy poodles right now. I might not have seen Reservoir Dogs yet, but this one infamous line fits our situation perfectly:

Are you gonna bark all day, little doggy, or are you gonna bite?

Time to start biting like rottweillers, boys. Coconuts go.