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Wednesday Open Thread

Let's all take a deep breath and focus on someone else's favorite team for a little bit, shall we? And there are some real doozies on the NHL schedule tonight including a big NW Division battle as the Edmonton Oilers and Minnesota Wild hook up for the 2nd time in about a week. Things got pretty ugly in that last one (and when I say ugly I mean Darcy Hordichuk making an ass of himself again) and you can expect some fireworks in this one. Colorado's also in action as they battle to stay relevant, much of the 'which coach is gonna get fired next' attention focusing on Joe Sacco. A win over New Jersey tonight will go a long way towards some job security for Not Burnaby Joe. Steve Yzerman with the heel turn as he brings that rollercoaster thrill ride known as the Tampa bay Lightning into the Joe to face his old team. The Detroit Red Wings will no doubt honour Stevie Y before the game, should be a touching moment. Speaking of coaches in trouble, Anaheim's Randy Carlyle and Montreal's Jacques Martin are feeling a little heat, yet seemingly neither of these coaches can get fired. The Habs roll into what should be a half empty Honda Center to take on Bobby Ryan who should be fired up to give us his Alex Ovechkin backchecking impersonation tonight... Oh and apparently Boston and Toronto are playing. Something about 1st in the East...