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Game 14: Canucks At Blues Preview: Beware Of Steen



Time Fri. 5:00 PM PST
TV Sportsnet Pac
Season Series 1 - 0 Blues
Last Meeting
3-0 Blues (Oct.26/11)
The Enemy St. Louis Game Time Scoring Leaders D. Sedin: 5-10-15 Steen: 6-3-9

So everyone except Cory Schneider took the night off against the Wild and an embarrassment ensued. I find myself disgusted. Hey Bieksa, if you look back and see that a Sedin "has your back" when you want to pinch..THEN DON'T PINCH! And what's with the swimming out there? Give your damned head a shake.

But he wasn't alone in his pathetic-ness. Edler got caught pinching numerous times. I lost track of the odd man rushes against and the turnovers and the sloppiness.

Pathetic! It was so bad that....I am willing to guarantee a win over the Blues. Yeah, that's right. I'll stick my neck out. As unacceptable as it is, this Canucks team seems content to put out half-assed efforts whenever they feel like it. Now, I don't know if they are just pacing themselves mentally and physically for a long season, but it sure seems like they are content being a 500 hockey team right now. So..I may be disgusted but I'm gonna shrug it off. I'm not emotionally investing myself in losses like that. They play like they don't give a f*ck, then I don't give a f*ck either. But they will beat the Blues. Oh yeah. It's just how this team operates right now. Right when you want to ring their necks they go out and impress the hell out of you.

Having said that, this doesn't look good on the coaching staff. What would Alain Vigneault possibly say after a game like that? Would he revoke their hot tub / whore privileges and scold them? Tofu instead of tuna and caviar on the flight to St. Louis? I mean, this is the guy that said basically "for whatever reason we start slow in Octobers." For whatever reason? Huh. Well coach, you SHOULD know why it happens. But I know what he's gonna do to solve the Canucks' stinker / bad habits: INSERT AARON ROME. Rome will save us. He's the doctor of consistency. He'll shore up that D and lead by example. The only pinching Bieksa will be doing against the Blues will be in the men's room between periods. Rome is THAT MUCH of an inspiration. Hell, just put Rome out there by himself for 3 periods. At the very worst the score will be 0-0 heading into OT.

I have nothing else to add. Oh, except that Alex Steen has 9 goals and 2 assists in 15 career games against the Canucks. A true Canucks killer. But not on this day. On this day we fight. And beat the Blues.

I leave you with this. Maybe it'll get your mind off the 3 hours of shit you had to endure tonight:

This is usually where I say "COCONUTS!" Instead, I'll say: "get your heads out of your asses!"

PS: Welcome back to Sportsnet, Hazel Mae!