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And Boom Goes the Dynamite (Now with less peppermint)

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Why less peppermint you ask? Because that is apparently the rule for the day. According to the coffee shop above my work place. I was unaware that ordering peppermint hot chocolate (Spare me your coffee holier than thou attitude, I can't stomach coffee) does not involve peppermint, but most likely involves spitting in your used wrigley's gum for just a hint of peppermint flavor, as that is what I appear to have gotten.

That being said, last night was a solid, if not boring, win. Schneider played amazing, though, and Kesler proved that as long as he can get that wrist shot off with no goalie in the net, he is near unstoppable. Is Kesler as good at empty net goals as Pavol Demitra was? No, not even close. Nobody was the king of empty nets like Pavol was. But Kesler did a decent job of it last night.

I was pondering doing TSN comments for last nights game, but even I can't get through those comments without wanting to punch  myself in the face to distract me from what I am reading. Basically a bunch of sad Flames fans rag on the Canucks, while a bunch of over hyped Oilers fan assure us that the Canucks are yesterdays news and that RNH is set to take over the world. I could probably randomly make up comments and it would sound the same as the real thing,

"Canucks only beat the Av's by 2? (EMPTY NETTERS DONT COUNT). That's really sad to see how bad the Casucks have fallen this year" - Flames fan

"Sedins are over the hill. Hpkins and Hall are gunna dominate this year!!!" - Oiler Fan

"Vancouver is pathetic and will choke in the end anyways.Dan Carcillo is underrated" - Chicago fans

"LUCIC WOULD OWN ALL Y'ALL B*****'S" - Milan Lucic


That being said, let's hit up some random news:


Vancouver Canucks News:


  • Shane O'Brien was dismayed to watch the Bruins push the Canucks around last year. He wishes he could have been on the team to help with the pushback. "I mean, you just have to go out there and take a 2 minute roughing penalty and the Bruins would settle right down. Maybe lose a fight. Maybe have a drink or two. That's the sort of thing that wins championships. I think."  explained O'Brien. [Vancouver Sun]
  • The Vancouver Sun spares you the trouble of actually having to know how to read but putting out articles with pictures only. Here is their list of overpaid players in the NHL. A sad looking Ryan Kesler made the list. [Vancouver Sun]
  • 1994, the Canucks lost, the Lions won in BC Place. 2011 looks to repeat that, as the Lions look to win the Grey Cup at BC Place this year. Also repeating this year, me trying to pretend that a Grey Cup win is as important to me as the Stanley Cup. [Vancouver Sun]
  • Aaron Rome is a traitorous bastard along with Dale Weise, as they want the Bombers to win the Grey Cup. Also, Dale Weise finds BC Lions cheerleaders hot. [LFpress]
  • Sportsnet shows the easiest way to report sports: Ask the fans to write their articles. They ask what would you do to fix the Canucks? [Sportsnet]
  • Jeff Angus asks the question, should the Canucks always draft a goalie? And by goalie, we mean a real goalie. Not the son of a goalie coach. [Canucks Army]
NHL News and Notes:
  • GB_Canuck is back with his thoughts at seeing Sidney Crosby playing for the first time ever, and at comparing the Premiership's schedule with the NHL's schedule. He may or may not have called football players a bunch of pansies. I could also be making that up. [A Canucks Across the Pond]
  • Jonny Toews shows of his skills in this fake viral video done by Bauer. How do I know it was fake? Because Patrick Sharp didn't start shooting the targets before Toews leading to Toews crying like a baby. Come on guys, it's the little things that give these videos away. [Puck Daddy]
  • Jagr is back and better than ever! Well, not really. But he is back and enjoying a pretty successful campaign for a 40 year old. No word yet on when the deathmatch between Teemu and Jagr is going to be set up. "There can be only one!" [NHL.COM]
  • Ontario is set to build a 20,000 seat arena. But they have no intention of ever having a hockey team in there. Wink wink. Nudge nudge. [Globe and Mail]
  • Want a huge breakdown of last nights Bruins vs Sabres debacle? Apparently the Sabres suck at being a physical team. Lucic and Chara took turns beating up the Sabres. It got so bad, that Lucic only fist pumped twice after he beat up Gaustad. Chara only had one sip of coke after he beat Regehr. To top it off the Sabres blew a 3-1 lead and ended up losing the game in a shootout. [SB Nation Bruins]
  • Want the top 9 stories from the NHL so far? NHL.COM actually has a great article on this. Except they missed the one about Kesler posing nude. But whatever. [NHL.COM]