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Flames/Blue Jackets Open Thread (also, Sid)


Since we're all gonna be talking about it, I figured we may as well put up an open thread so we can all marvel at the shift by shift analysis, the intense media scrutiny, and most of all the gosh-darn feel good part of tonight's big game.  Let's face it, these moments are rare, and whether you're cheering for Calgary or Columbus you... sorry, what?  Sidney Crosby's returning?  What the hell, man?  Seriously not one of you thought to say something?  Dammit... you bastards.  I hate you all.  Well fine, you all watch that.  I will keep you posted on the real big game of the night.  Fingers crossed that Rick Nash kills someone else with a slapshot tonight, amiright? *holds up his hands for a high five that predictably goes unfulfilled* So yeah, normal Open Thread rules apply.  No wagers more than $5, no cat pictures and no disparaging remarks about Aaron Rome.  He had a bad day.