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Bring It On - Canucks vs Blackhawks Gamethread


7:00 pm PST, SNet Pac
Enemy territory: Second City Hockey (behave yourselves)
Enemy pro: Daniel Carcillo is a ticking timebomb.
Enemy con: Dave Bolland is a nuisance.

Okay, for the record, allow me to state that I have never seen any of the 4 movies in the "Bring It On" franchise, nor do I ever plan on doing so. It's just that, when you put "bring it on" in the Google Images search, all you get is the damn cheerleaders. Although I bet none of you are complaining about having pics of hot chicks in cheerleader outfits on the blog....
Anyways, the Canucks host the Blackhawks tonight, in what will be the 2nd game of the year for this rivalry. Can Vancouver repeat that 6-2 win from the other week? Time to bring on our A game.

Coconuts go.