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And Boom Goes the Dynamite (Express Edition)

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Hi all, sorry about the random nature of my posting lately. The Province contest is pretty much done on my end (Save for a couple of posts for the upcoming weekend) so things should return to a more normal posting schedule for me. That being said, today's post is going to be pretty quick and bare, so much like an Aaron Rome scoring streak, this will be short and sweet.

Vancouver Canuck News:


  • Feed the Orca is an up and coming Canucks blogging website, and everyone's favorite @burrowsgirl did a recap of the Islanders game. She is a great writer and I look forward to seeing what she has in store for Canucks fans, so show some support and go give her first blog a read over at [Feed the Orca]
  • One last pimping of my Province contest, if you haven't voted yet, and if you like my stuff, go over and give a thumbs up to my articles. Why not this one? [The Province]
  • Want some news and notes about the Canucks from the Sun? Of course you do. Brad Ziemer also gets some Canuck thoughts about the Lucic hit. They are pretty tame quotes, but if this was the Stanley Cup Final I am pretty sure the media would be talking about how the Sedins just declared war on Boston and how unclassy a team we are.....oh am I still bitter about this? Yes. Yes I am. [Vancouver Sun]
  • Chris Higgins says the Canucks are one of the tightest teams he has ever been on. Also, they smell really really nice. Bonus: Includes a small shot at Todd Bertuzzi for old times sake  [Vancouver Sun]
  • Brendan Shanahan is like that annoying ex who won't leave you alone. He apparently calls up Rome to talk about the good times the league used to have suspending Rome last year. "We should suspend you again sometime....I think it would be fun." [Montreal Gazette]
NHL News:
  • Hey, someone else took the time to make jokes about the HHOF inductions! Saves me the time, yay! [National Post]
  • Because I know you all love the LA Times so much, here is their plus/minus article of the week [LA Times]
  • Sportsnet has an article about the five things GM's need to talk about at their annual meetings. One of them apparently is the cost of seeing a game. Yes. I am sure the GM's will get right on this. Right after they discuss world peace and creating cold fusion. [Sportsnet]
  • Did you pick Claude Giroux in your pool? Congratulations, he is doing awesome. Asshole.[NHL.COM]
  • Brendan Shanahan talks about how Buffalo is not allowed to run Tim Thomas. And also insinuates that you can buy him off. That's how I read this at least. [USA Today]
  • ESPN Chicago takes off its clothes and starts stroking themselves in front of us, as they go over all the reasons why they are the top team in the NHL right now. The only solace I take in this is that Seabrook is day to day with an injury. [ESPN CHICAGO]
  • The NBA is realizing the joys of going on strike....many fans just don't give a shit if you do. The NBA is on strike and not a lot of people are noticing. Which leaves hockey to swoop in and try and get a nice one night stand with some ex-NBA fans. [The Star]
  • Want photos of the week in the NHL? TOO BAD. YOU WILL LOOK AT THESE. [Toronto Sun]
  • Vote for Aaron, while amusing, is too much like Vote for Rory for my liking. So while people should go ahead and try to get Rome in the All-Star game, I won't be too big a fan of it, just because it isn't that original. More original in my eyes is the Project Mayhem that Puck Daddy has done a nice write up of. In this All-Star campaign, people are trying to vote in a bunch of ex Ottawa Senators into the All-Star game. At first it was meant to piss off Ottawa fans, but they are actually mostly on board with this. [Puck Daddy]