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Catch the Roadrunner - Canucks vs Islanders Gamethread

6:00 pm PST, SNet Pac
Enemy territory: Lighthouse Hockey
Enemy pro: They haven't played too well lately.
Enemy con: Ah crap, they got Evgeni Nabokov.

Yes, yes, I know. The Looney Tunes theme, although awesome, didn't bring us luck last time. I'm using it again for a couple reasons. One: Looney Tunes is an amazing source for gamethread ideas. Two: This one is relevant for tonight. The Canucks, looking to start winning again, are facing an Islanders team with a certain still-beloved ex-Canuck Michael Grabner, whose speed makes him dangerous, especially on breakaways. Can the Canucks keep him at bay, or will he keep racing by like the Roadrunner?

Coconuts go.