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A Trip Down Memory Lane - Canucks @ Flames Gamethread


6:30 pm PDT, TSN
Enemy territory: Matchsticks and Gasoline
Enemy pro: They're actually worse than us right now.
Enemy con: They're a damn pain in the ass.

Looking through Google Images with "flames suck" in the search bar for gamethread ideas today, I found the very familiar image above in the results. Turns out, it's from a post on Nucks Misconduct from March 2010, where nucksandpucks talked about how he doesn't like the Flames, and wanted them to miss the playoffs. Reading through it now, I found this quote that needs updating:

It doesn't hurt that the last four times these teams have met in the first round of the playoffs the winner has gone on to the Stanley Cup Final. The Canucks in 1982 and 1994, the Flames in 1989 and 2004. In fact, the only time either team has made the Final without defeating the other was in 1986, when the Flames lost the Cup to the Canadiens and the Canucks were eliminated in the first round by the Oilers.

How the statistics can change in a span of 2 years, eh?
I still also remember how, about 10 days after N&P's post, we lost to the Avalanche in the shootout, giving Colorado that extra point to get them in the playoffs and knock Calgary out. Ah, good times.
Now, the rivalry restarts for another season, as we face Calgary after a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals without facing them in the first round. Will the Flames return to the post-season, or will they remain a laughing stock for a little longer? Time will tell.

Coconuts go.