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Too Many Penguins - Canucks-Penguins Gamethread


7:00 pm PDT, CBC
Enemy territory: PensBurgh (really cool people)
Enemy pro: At least Sidney Crosby isn't playing.
Enemy con: Evgeni Malkin returns to Vancouver.

For this thread, I was hoping to find an image/video for the scene towards the end of this Futurama episode, where the ship lands on the floating sheet of ice and tips it, making all the penguins slide down to the bottom where the hungry orca is waiting with the mouth wide open. Unfortunately, Youtube and Google searches only show the two penguins finding guns at the end.
Oh well, I'll have to settle for the scene above.

Leela: "But there must be someway to control the penguin overpopulation."
Penguin reserve leader: "There is a way. Grab your guns, folks. It's penguin hunting season!"

Coconuts go.