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And Boom Goes the Dynamite (Now with more CODY GODSON)

Last night the NHL Fantasy draft was held between several key members of the blogging community. Who was there? I think Kent was there. Maybe? Mooney was there. Missy. Ta-Da. I don't know the full list due to the fact we were all posting under our awesome team name handles. Regardless, controversy arose when Harrison Mooney of Pass it to Bulis fame ended up with the first overall pick and chose Evgeni Malkin. His team name is Malkin on Sunshine, so the debate raged as to whether he chose the name out of some sort of perverse sense of loyalty, or if he indeed thinks Malkin will be the best player in the NHL this year. Only time will tell.

As for my team, I got stuck with a late pick and had to put my hopes all on Pavel Datsyuk. I won't lie, this scares me. Aside from that, notable picks include Luuuuuuuuuuu, my game 5 buddy Bieksa, and with my last pick, CODY GODSON. If for no other reason than that I will rip into him mercilessly if he does not perform as well as I expect him to. It will be like Cody has two AV's in his life.

With that said, I have real work to do, so this will be a quicker version of my usual awesomeness, so away we go!

Vancouver Canuck News:

  • Ta Da, Thomas Drance, our friend over at Canucks Army, has an article about Ryan Kesler. Being nude. It shows Kesler in all his glory. And Ta Da admits to thinking Kesler is hot. It's all very amazing. Fair warning, the picture of Kesler, if viewed at work, could make people wonder about what it is you look at on your computer at work. Read it over at [Canucks Army]
  • Aaron "One Punch" Volpatti is a battler on and off the ice. Read the surprising story of how Peppermint Patti survived burns to over 35% of his body to make it to the NHL. How did Volpatti beat the burns? With one punch. Read more at [Vancouver Province]
  • Because no one knows how to pronounce Weise's name (It sounds like WEESE), I will laugh every time someone tries to use a title that incorporates the name as if it is pronounced like "Wise". Such is the case with Elliott Pap who uses the title "Vigneault hopes waiving Oreskovich is a 'Weise' move." Yes, I too hope it is a WEESE move. Mmmm. Weeses Pieces. Best part of the article? AV hinting that Oreskovich was on thin ice, and then talking about how he knows nothing about Weise. Let's pray those pro scouts know what they're doing. Read more at [Vancouver Sun]
  • Rick Rypien will be honored by the Canucks by wearing his number 37 on their helmets this year. No word yet on if they plan to do anything for Demitra. Read more at [Vancouver Province]
  • Tony Gallagher thinks he can lessen the injury potential for Sami Salo. Tony Gallagher does not know what he speaks of. Trying to get Salo through a season without injury is like trying to get through this next season without seeing pictures of a nude Ryan Kesler every day. Not going to happen. [Vancouver Province]
  • Christie Clark wants to televise the trials for the public rioters. Critics slam this move, calling it a sad attempt to gain public standing by Clark. Critics of this move say they plan to riot of Christie moves ahead with the public trials. [CTV]
NHL News and Notes:

  • Brendan Shanahan puts out a video of examples of good, clean, hard hits. I patiently await his next video that goes over which infomercials are actually legit. Hint: It's not the Slap Chop. [NHL.COM]
  • Perhaps the only other franchise with more paranoid delusions than ours, Montreal weighs in on their belief that the NHL is out to get them. The lack of suspensions to players taking liberties with Canadians has their fan base all riled up. "At least kiss us before you **** us" exclaims I assume half of their fan base. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Holy shit, 2001 called, it wants its Canoe Slam! Sports page back. I can't believe this still exists. Wow. I remember reading about Mogilny being traded at the deadline on Canoe sports. Anyways, Canoe Sports has an article about the Jets up coming season. The Jets, or as I call them, OUR MORTAL ENEMIES, have one season away from the Canucks. Next year? WE OWN YOU. So we might as well read up on our future number one enemy. Sadly, they pick Kyle Wellwood as being on the decline. I don't know if they mean his weight, or his production. [Canoe Slam Sports]
  • Not content to let the Canucks steal all the headlines, the Leafs picked up their own player with a name starting with a 'D', as they picked up Steckel in a trade for a 4th rounder yesterday. Said GM Brian Burke "This trade is mediocre. But his name sounds aggressive. Steckel. STECKel. STECKel. Sounds like it would be annoying to play against. So I picked him up." [Toronto Star]
  • Ask the Experts is up on CANOE SLAM SPORTS. Oh man. Two Canoe articles in one day. What world is this. Anyways, they pick their Stanley Cup picks. One of them chooses Vancouver. And choose Henrik for the Hart. I assume this is John Garrett under a false name. [Canoe! Slam! Sports!!!]
  • Brandon Saad, an 18 year old with the Hawks, will be starting the season on the top line in Chicago with Toews and Sharp. Hey. Hey where are you going? Why are you logging into your fantasy hockey pool? What are you doing? Are you picking up Saad?? [NHL.COM]

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