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Canucks Collect Dale Weise / Waive Victor Oreskovich

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Today the Canucks plucked 23 year-old Weise (pronounced Weese) off waivers from the New York Rangers and in turn put Oreskovich on waivers to make way for him. Weise is more a fighter than a scorer. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have any hands. See his AHL stats below. The 6'2" 206 pound Winnipeg native is a right winger who has only played 10 games in the NHL (last season with the Rangers-zero points 19 penalty minutes). Weise is currently on a 2-way contract worth $605,000, the same amount of dollars Oreskovich is making. I guess this makes Weise a Canucks 4th liner, as I thought Oreskovich had performed terrific in preseason and looked like a lock on that line.

Huh. Edit: See interview with AV at the bottom of the post. They are calling Weise an upgrade over Oreo. "Busier".

Judging by the AHL stats it looks like the newest Canuck has better hands than Oreo though.

A funny Weise moment:

"Dangerous Dale" they call him:

AV talks about Weise the Canucks roster: