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Go Ahead, Scare Me - Canucks vs Capitals Gamethread


7:00 pm PDT, CBC
Enemy territory: Japer's Rink (cool people)
Enemy pro: Daniel Sedin is a better left-winger than Alex Ovechkin right now.
Enemy con: Washington finally has a good goalie in Tomas Vokoun.

Seriously, NHL schedulers? The Canucks only play the Capitals once a year, and you put that game on the Saturday night of the Halloween party weekend?
At the time this is posting, I will be just finished work, putting on my costume, and heading to the staff Halloween party. So, for a Halloween-themed hockey post, I will give you Youtube links. If you want funny, go here or here. If you want musical, go here. If you want gross, go here. If you want scary, go here.

Coconuts go.