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The Noon Number: 79.6


The Vancouver Canucks have really been unable to create a lot of offensive zone starts this season, and yet the team is still able to get the twins out there for nearly half of those draws. The number above refers to Henrik Sedin's offensive zone start rate, while their offensive usage percentage is 47.4%. That means that of the 173 even strength draws the Canucks have had in the attacking end, Henrik Sedin has taken 82 of them.

I think I'm bothered a little by the lack of depth so far in the season. I'm giving the second line two or three more games to get it together and start producing and a rate that I advertised them at, but the third and fourth lines have been really touched by percentages and poor chance differential.

Most teams protect their fourth line. The Canucks overwhelmingly shelter their first. Check out the difference compared to last season:

Player '11 OZone '12 OZone
Henrik Sedin 79.6% 71.4%
Ryan Kesler 43.2% 50.0%
Manny Malhotra 25.3% 25.0%
Lapierre/Bolduc 25.0% 30.6%

The addition of Maxim Lapierre has really given the Canucks some flexibility as far as defensive zone starts and he's on the ice for way more faceoffs than Alex Bolduc ever was. However with the team struggling to move the puck forward, the starts have gotten in the way of the second line.

Is this the reason for the Canucks lack of depth thus far in the season? The "Sedin" treatment as now reached insane levels.