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A Modest Proposal: Why the Canucks should trade Luongo for St. Louis

The Province recently made headlines (literally - get it?) by publishing an editorial suggesting that the Canucks trade much-maligned goalie Roberto Luongo for Tampa Bay Lightning centre Vincent Lecavalier. No one much took this editorial seriously, but I think it was on to something - it just didn't have the details quite right.

Forget trading for Lecavalier. Instead, let's trade for St. Louis.

Let me explain why I think this would be of enormous benefit to the Canucks organization.

I bet you didn't know that St. Louis had 240 goals last year. 240 goals! The entire Canucks team only managed 262. Adding 240 goals to this roster would likely win us the division, and at least a couple of playoff rounds. Especially with Luongo out of here. Furthermore, adding St. Louis would significantly increase the Canucks' depth, giving Coach Vigneault a wider range of players to deploy during games.

Now, there are of course a few hitches with my proposal. For example, Luongo's new team - although adding a world-class goaltender - would of course have their depth significantly hurt by trading St. Louis. Fans, though thrilled by the addition of Luongo, might be somewhat alarmed that they would be forced to watch what is essentially an AHL-level group of skaters the rest of the season.

Furthermore, there is the old EA Sports NHL question - would the NHL approve such a trade? Certainly, there would be issues about competitive balance. But surely, acquiring the goaltender who led Team Canada to Gold in the 2010 Olympics would offset the loss of an entire roster? And let's be realistic - the Canucks wouldn't even get the most out of St. Louis. Sure, David Backes could slot in on the second line and Erik Johnson Alex Pietrangelo would relegate Andrew Alberts to the press-box. But let's be honest here, St. Louis would mostly serve as depth for the already talent-laden Canucks roster. Although, as last night's performance demonstrated, St. Louis may be able to push some Canucks starters for more ice-time.

So sure, there are a few flaws with my proposal, and for these I apologize - as a humble fan and blogger, I obviously lack the general manager acumen possessed by the Province editorial board. But I still think this is a reasonable - if modest - proposal, and one that Mike Gillis should seriously contemplate.