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And Boom Goes the Dynamite (Now with more goaltending controversy. Or less. I'm so confused...)


Another day, another disappointing loss. This time a 3-0 shutout by the St. Louis Blues. Cory Schneider looked pretty good for sporting a 3.00 GAA, which never stops people from tearing a strip off Roberto Luongo. So good luck with that, Cory.

Yeah, it was two bad losses against inferior opponents. Not great, but it is early in the season and bad stretches will happen. And the team is out of sync still, and struggling to get motivated after the June letdown. So let's all chill out, relax, and TRADE LUONGO AND SCHNEIDER AND MAKE EDDIE LACK THE STARTER BECAUSE HE'S REALLY GOOD IN THE AHL AND ALSO FIRE VIGNEAULT!!!!!!!!!

Or just chill out and relax. Either way.

After the jump, your Canucks links and NHL news and notes. Oh, and this is the end of my pinch hits for The Stanchion, so you'll be back to your regular programming soon enough.

Vancouver Canucks News

  • We lost. It sucked. [Vancouver Sun]
  • Sami Salo, who tragically lost his father to cancer, speaks about cancer awareness. [CDC]
  • Someone named Cam Charron (never heard of the guy, but apparently he is some kind of "blogger") wonders why, given their recent playoff history, the Canucks failed to develop a strong rivalry with the Blues. [Canucks Army]
  • You know what? Not that much interesting stuff happened to the Canucks in the 24 hours between last loss and this loss. So screw it. What's going on in the rest of the league?

NHL News and Notes

  • I don't care if Taylor Hall is the best player in the NHL right now according to that one guy on Sportsnet who no-one listens to, he needs his (virtual) mouth washed out with soap after he tweeted some horrible, profane stuff about Oilers fans. But boy, those fans must be really terrible if he wants to go play for the Flames and... Wait, what? This is a hack-job? I couldn't tell from those eloquently written tweets. [Puck Daddy]
  • Why the NHL will not be able to make visors mandatory without the agreement of the NHLPA. [Offside: A Sports Law Blog]
  • "Winnipeg fans soak in NHL hockey", apparently. Given the Jets record, "NHL hockey" might be code for "tomato juice" - being soaked in, of course, to cleanse the stink of a 2-5-1 start to the season. Remember folks, full arena or not, these are still the same Thrashers who over the past four seasons finished 12th, 10th, 13th, and 14th in the Eastern Conference. [The Hockey News]
  • The Montreal Canadiens fire their assistant(!) coach. Yeah, cause like that will really help turn things around! Oh. Apparently it will. [TSN]
  • Eric Lindros will participate in the Winter Classic festivities, but will the Legion of Doom join him and allow Maple Leafs fans to remember Mikael Renberg for more than three mediocre years in blue and white? [Puck Daddy]
  • Shameless self-promotion: A post I wrote yesterday criticizing media coverage of women's hockey generated a lot of discussion, both positive and negative, on my blog and Twitter. For what Don Cherry would doubtlessly call "a left-wing pinko perspective" on hockey, please check it out if you're interested in such issues. [Hockey in Society]