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And Boom Goes the Dynamite (Temporarily with less Stanchion)

The Stanchion is taking a couple days break from posting, so I am filling in. Not much good to say about the game last night. Losing to the Oilers sucks, not as badly as losing to the Flames, but still badly. At least we're right back at it today vs. the Blues, so there's no need to dwell on it for too long. Here are your Canucks links. NHL news and notes are after the jump.

Vancouver Canucks News

If you would prefer to forget that Vadim Sharifijanov or Marc Chouinard ever played for the Canucks... TOO BAD!!! Because the Sun has put together a slideshow of the most disappointing Canucks of all-time. What, no Sergei Nemchinov? [Vancouver Sun]

David Booth is feeling better about joining the Canucks. []

Exploring the back story to the "Occupy Luongo" signs. [Canucks Army]

Rory Bolen is very much not on the "OMFG TRADE LUONGO ASAP" train, at least as of yesterday afternoon. He'd probably fit in well around here. And probably will never become the editor of The Province. [The Hockey News]

Critiquing the Canucks new goal song. I actually hadn't noticed that it wasn't "Holiday". Personally, I am not impressed. I would prefer something like this. [Pass it to Bulis]

NHL News and Notes

Shocking news: the Columbus Blue Jackets win! Even more shocking news: it happens against Detroit! []

Down Goes Brown gets to know the new head coaches in the NHL. [Down Goes Brown]

Anze Kopitar is getting raves for his lob pass. Am I wrong, or have the Sedins and Burrows been doing something similar for some time? [SB Nation]

See what I mean?

This is a few days old, but if you missed Bill Simmons' announcement that he has become a LA Kings season ticket holder because of the NBA lockout, it's worth a read. [Grantland]

Random Video Clip

I've been on a vintage hockey kick lately, and tried to dig up some good vintage Canucks clips. Everything I could find was really long (yes, there's an hour-long Canucks broadcast from the 1970s on YouTube), so I settled on the Ring of Honour video for Thomas Gradin. Some hideous jerseys and some sweet moves: