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And Boom Goes the Dynamite (Now with more fancy videos)

Well the weekend is over. I wouldn't know it since I've been slaving like a dog trying to catch on with the Province people, but I guess some of you relaxed over the weekend. For those of you who were away and missed out my two videos, scroll down the main page for some Stanchion video goodness.

The big news over the weekend of course was the Booth for Samuelsson trade, a trade which readers from Fear the Fin call "The greatest trade since defenceman Wayne Gretzky was traded for that exciting winger Foldgers Coffey". I am sure we are all excited about seeing how Booth does on a line with Kesler, and since every single Canucks blog in creation already covered David Booth's entire career for you, I am going to go ahead and move on to the usual EMBRACE THE HATE comments from TSN.CA and the Canucks game on Saturday. Why? Because it amuses me and because yes, it fills up precious space. Precious space I normally ear mark for Aaron Rome jokes. Thus shows the double edged nature of Aaron Rome. I hate having him around, but I need him around to make fun of him.

Embrace the Hate:


- HEY! Luongo is the BEST bench warmer in the league, and I won't hear otherwise! Nobody does bored relax face better than Luongo. NOBODY.


- I like how Swedish Captain, besides being uncertain about his title, thinks AV is making Kesler dive out there. That if we got rid of our Swedish captain and coach, that Kesler would finally be unshackled from all that is holding him back in the world. It sounds like the making of a great Disney movie.


- Ha, ok, that was a well played joke. Until I see it every game and then I will never admit to chuckling to it.



- Ah yes, we are still on the goal differential as being a major indicator of the Canucks weakness. I understand the idea that more goals scored vs goals against is a good sign overall of a teams strength. Sounds good to me. But when you have the President's Trophy winning team from last year 6 games into the new season, I'm going to go ahead and guess that this sample size is probably just a tad too small to be making any such observations. 


- Oh good god. You know some Canuck fans have lost their mind when they suggest bringing Crow back. Though I will give Crow credit, nobody was better at calling out the "Too Many" penalties than him.


- Wait....1..2..3...4..5....Yup, they used 5 of the Canuck stereotypes in one post. Impressive! They also nailed good use of exclamation marks. I do dock some marks for not bringing up the word "class", however. Almost a perfect mark though.


- We do? Is this in regards to Booth? I assume it is? Is this an American joke? I'm sure it made sense to the guy when he posted it, but he probably had a cousin to sleep with so he didn't have time to finish his thought.


- Why would an Ottawa fan be posting in.....oh I see. 


- Ehrhoff this year is minus 1. Salo is +5. Small sample sizes, but I am pretty sure Buffalo didn't sign Ehrhoff for his solid two way game... And I hope the Canucks teach Salo how to file for his pension. That is just smart planning. 


- Damn those declining Canucks and surging Wild trends. It's just unfair for the rest of us to have to post on TSN when they already have the guy with all the answers. 


- Early season 1 goal loss in overtime. That's a rebuildin. Early season 1 goal win in overtime. That's a rebuildin'. Team takes a penalty? That's a rebuildin'



Vancouver Canuck News: 


  • Did the Samuelsson/Booth trade pass the infamous NHL 12 logic test? Go to my blog to find out! [Off the Stanchion]
  • Also in case you missed it, apparently Roberto Luongo posed nude well before Ryan Kesler ever did. [Off the Stanchion]
  • Dobber hockey goes over the impact David Booth might have on fantasy hockey pools everywhere. It's a good read especially if you want to see the impact it will have on Florida's roster. Hint: Marco Sturm is still not a good pickup. Also it helps that it was written by Jeff Angus who actually knows Canucks hockey, unlike Puck Daddy Wyshynski who recently stated that Booth should get some points from playing on the PP with the Twins. I feel this is like the time in high school where one girl tells another girl that her dress is so last year.... [Dobber Hockey]
  • Apparently Booth cried upon hearing the news he had been traded. Feel free to insert a joke about that being in favor or against coming to Vancouver. Maybe make a diving joke. Maybe he is crying so he can fill up a pool he can dive into in preparation for playing for Vancouver. Well I just made the joke for you didn't I? Lazy bastards. [Province Sports]
  • Kuzma also chimes in with a story about Weise growing up in Winnipeg. Although Weise has played better as of late, I still want to make fun of him, so he gets no praise from me. NO PRAISE. [Province Sports]
  • Eric Francis apparently doesn't hate everything to do with Vancouver as he has his second positive piece in as many weeks about Vancouver. He weighs in on the Booth trade and basically massages Gillis' ego and asks if he needs a happy ending. Read more at [Toronto Sun]
NHL News and Notes:

  • GM's are fine with fighting in hockey. But more importantly in this article, it's reported that Mike Comrie still has trouble walking. There is a Hillary Duff joke in there somewhere... [Toronto Sun]
  • What's drunk and gets pulled over by the cops? Not Khabibulin. :( Khabby leads the league in GAA leaving many people to wonder when Tampa Bay will be trading for him. [Edmonton Journal]
  • Much to the delight of me and my bad Harry Potter jokes, Corey Potter looks like he is here to stay in the NHL. Said Potter, "As long as Dumbledore live, I will have a job in the NHL." [Montreal Gazette]
  • You know when your team is in trouble? When you trade for two Coyotes to help improve your team. Montreal did just this as they made a minor trade to try and help shake things up. Which goes counter to my proposed idea of giving Price six beers and a pack of smokes, but whatever, what do I know. [SLAM. SPORTS. RAWR.]
  • This is why people chose Vokoun in their pool. 6-0. .944 save percentage. 1.80 GAA. Small sample size, but he still has the Caps off to an amazing start. [NHL.COM]
  • Did you pick Jonathan Quick in your pool? Oh you didn't? You mean you didn't get his three shutouts in a row? Really? That must suck for you. - Said by every guy who chose Quick. I am one of those guys. [CBS Sports]
  • Tim Connolly coming back soon, blah blah blah, PHIL KESSEL. What a guy to have in your pool. Oh Connolly? Yeah I guess you can read about him. How about that Phil Kessel though? [Toronto Sun]
  • Canucks Army posted a great read about all the Canadian clubs and what they are up to. Apparently Calgary has taken up knitting. [Canucks Army]