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Shea Weber To Have Hearing After Boarding Jannik Hansen

Shea Weber will face a disciplinary hearing early this afternoon after boarding Jannik Hansen (and damaging his beak) at 14:53 of the 3rd period in last night's Canucks 5-1 win over the Predators at The Rog.

UPDATE: Weber receives a $2500 fine. Oh please Shanahammer don't hurt 'em!

Here's the clip:

Well, Hansen does turn his back to Weber at the last second, but really, he was in a vulnerable position in the first place. Weber apparently got 2:00 for boarding and 2:00 for unsportsmanlike conduct. Some are comparing this to Kris Letang's boarding hit on Burmistrov. Eh, I don't know about that. Burmistrov completely turn his whole body at the last second.  But Letang got 2 games.  Weber has never been suspended at the NHL level but was suspended  for his head shot on a German player at the Olympics in April 2007 which is not run by the NHL but rather the IIHF. 2 different things. Not applicable here.

So, what do you think the punishment should be? Given the dirtiness of it and clean track record I am guessing maximum 2 games.

How about Hansen though... he got right back up like the tough Beaker that he is. Atta boy, Jank!