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The Noon Number: 8


Short post today because I'm pretty busy, but 8 is the number of scoring chances that Alex Burrows has had in his three home games this season. (I take scoring chance data in home games, and Canucks Army does to the road games). 8 on it's own is not anything special, although it does lead the team in the home games.

What makes 8 pretty cool is that all of them were recorded as shots on goal. Not a single chance was missed.

Now, there's an almost nil correlation between getting shots on net and shooting percentage and I think it would be worth looking at it in a different light. A lot of the best goal scorers aim to pick the corners and miss the net a lot. Alexander Ovechkin and Jeff Carter are notorious in this regard.

Burrows is off to a pretty slow start, having scored 2 goals in 7 games which puts him "on pace" for just below 24 goals this season, although he has been taking shots. His shooting percentage is at 7.1%, with his career average at 14%. It would be interesting to see if the amount of times a shooter misses is an indication of how much he actually scores goals, due to the player being confident enough to pick corners and take risks, and maybe put the puck on goal a little harder rather than just banking it in the general direction of the crease.

Last season the Canucks were led in missed shots by Ryan Kesler and Daniel Sedin, each of which put up career numbers. Maybe Burrows' shooting percentage turns around when he takes a few more risks around the goal cage, and maybe not. It's certainly something worth looking at when he gets on track.