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Quick Canucks Notes: Sturm In, New Luongo Mask

From Dan Murphy on Twitter:

@sportsnetmurph: #canucks Mikael Samuelsson needs a maintenance day so Marco Sturm draws back into line-up. Sami Salo will take his spot on 1st unit PP

Works for me. Salo's point shot needs to be used more often. What you should know is that Yankee Canuck has stated that he will donate $100 to Canucks Place if Marco Sturm registers even a single point. I met him halfway and will donate $50. Anyone else on board? It's for a good cause!

Roberto Luongo will debut a new mask tonight, and no it's not a Zorro mask or a paper bag. Here it is, thanks to Farhan Lalji:


M'eh. Not bad but my fave has always been this one. J. Canuck looks way more badass on that one. On the new one he looks more like an Italian chef.