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And Boom Goes the Dynamite (Now with more FREAKING MISSED SHOTS)

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Rest in peace, Rick. An amazing photo from last night's game. Dan already used it, but you pretty much have to use this one for the morning post as well.  (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)
Rest in peace, Rick. An amazing photo from last night's game. Dan already used it, but you pretty much have to use this one for the morning post as well. (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Others are more elegant with their words and feelings on the Rypien loss. I am not the best at showing my softer side, so I will let my writing fraternity talk about what a loss Rick was, and instead all I will say is you will be missed Rick, and I will never forget watching you play hockey for the Vancouver Canucks.

With that being said, we have a game to disect. And you know what that means, right? A 4-0 loss to a team we badly outshot, a team that was tired, on our home ice, and the crowd booing Luongo....that my friends means TSN Comments are going to be absolutely crawling with amazing material.  Let's get into some of the hate!

Embrace the Hate:


- I can't believe the nerve of.....oh wait, this is actually highly logical. How did this get in here....


- This one made me laugh heartily. This is the equivalent of someone looking at Gretzky's last year in the league and wondering how in earth he ever won a Hart trophy over Jaromir Jagr. I'd love to see the logic this guy uses on a day to day basis. "I bought this orange 5 days ago and now it's moldy?? I want my money back! Why would I pay money for a moldy orange!!!"


- Hawk fans really REALLY dislike us. Which is odd. They've won the cup. Like as of two years ago. You would think that would have given them enough satisfaction to ignore us Canuck fans for a while. But nope. They really don't like us. That game 7 loss last year really pissed them off apparently. They also have an amazing scouting system in Chicago as they have 6 forwards with as much potential as Cody Hodgson, a player this poster just spent the previous sentences ripping on for not being a good prospect. Lesson of the day: It may be garbage, but at least it's Chicago garbage!


- Oh well, thank you for letting us know. I hope we have time to trade the rest of our trash before everyone else finds out...


- Ahhhh, yes, NOW is the time to trade one of the Twins. Here I was thinking having the two reigning Art Ross trophy winners was a good thing, but I can see now why we should trade on of them. Because......oh wait, he didn't really tell us why. Oh poop.


- Since when did getting third place in the Vezina trophy race become a huge thing? Apparently Rag fans everywhere are really butt hurt over this. Which is odd, because when Luongo got 2nd in Vezina voting, we were told to STFU and bow down to Marty, but now that Lundqvist misses out on 3rd, it has become a huge achievement in the sporting world? I wish someone would e-mail me the updated rules for being a fan.


-I think Habs fans are the only fans left who like us. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that.


- I seriously want to meet the guy who still thinks using the "....NOT!" is a funny thing to use.....NOT


Vancouver Canuck News:


  • Ian Mac recounts the Rick Rypien ceremony and gets the players thoughts about the game over at [National Post]
  • Cam Cole with a story about Kesler that finally has nothing to do with nudity! Does the article make it all the way through without mentioning nudity? Read to find out! [Cam Cole]
  • Rob The Hockey guy has a pretty good breakdown of why some people dislike Roberto Luongo. Hint: It's because he's that guy who never buys in for the pizza but ends up taking a slice anyways. THAT guy. We all know one. [Rob the Hockey Guy]
  • CBS actually has a hockey article up. I know, I know, I'm shocked as well. They have a preview for the Predators Canucks game up and it has NO mention of a CSI show. What the hell. [CBS]
  • Dubinsky has two words for us after getting mauled by Bieksa, "suck it." Which is probably something the guy who got his ass kicked isn't supposed to say, but we'll forgive Dubi, he is probably still confused and frightened about more punches coming his way. [Total Pro Sports]
  • Ta-Da , Thomas Drance, Drance Attack 2010, has a good article about what happens to the Bruins when the refs use the regular season rule book as opposed to that infamous post season rule book. Apparently it involves a crap load more penalties for the Bruins. [Canucks Army]


NHL News and Notes:

  • Think fighting is going the way of the dodo bird? THINK AGAIN. Men be dropping gloves all over the place in the NHL still. Biggest part of the article? Shanahan apparently has talked about banning fights in the NHL and they will continue to look at it. Don Cherry, get yer rifle! [Globe and Mail]
  • HBO is exploring the link between fighting and depression, which can only add ammo the anti-fighting crowd's arsenal. My question is, what is that anti-fighting crowd doing holding onto ammo, huh? Hypocrites. [Slapshot] 
  • Hockey Canada president Bob Nicholson wants the NHL entry level draft age raised to 19. But as the story points out, when you have Gary Roberts training these guys, they should probably lower the age to 14. HE BREEDS ANIMALS. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Did you draft Scheifele in your pool in the last round, giggling to yourself at your potential steal? Did you do this over Ryan Nugent Hopkins? Well you're an idiot. Scheifele has run straight into the wall of reality as he has struggled to make any sort of impact at all. Tanner Glass is playing better than Mark.[Metro News]
  • Did you hear that? It sounded like a crash.....Oh right, it was the SHANABAN.[Google...I think...?]
  • has a story about how apparently having good goalies helps your team out. Shockingly, SHOCKINGLY, the Flyers and Caps enjoy having an actual good goalie in net this year. The Flyers just took how many years to figure this out? As for the Caps, they have one year before Vokoun demands a real salary, so let's all hope they fail miserably this year. []
  • Looking at the reactions to Luongo last night I would think the Canucks ranked dead last in goalie rankings, but CBC has us at 4th. They point out Luongo's usually shitty Octobers and actually say we will turn it around. [CBC.CA]

Video of the Day:

Ballard vs Hordichuk (via TheStanchion)


OK, who said they'd give me something if I street fightered up Keith Ballard vs Darcy Hordichuk?? Boom. Done.