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The Noon Number: 6:11


Given, 6:11 isn't really a number, it's a time. A time that designates that the Vancouver Canucks have spent more than six minutes more with a man down than a man up to start the hockey season. Only a handful of teams (eight) can claim that they see more PK time less PP time than the Canucks.

And hey, that team is the New York Rangers, who, in three games, have spent 10:30 extra on the penalty kill than the powerplay. This comes as a blessing for the Canucks, who not only face an opponent who have travelled through four countries in the last nine days, but a team that has also had similar troubles staying out of the penalty box.

Some splits:

Roberto Luongo .938 .667
Henrik Lundqvist .934 .885

You're seeing that the Canucks early season goals against troubles come from a low PK SV%, which is likely to regress towards Lundqvist's level (special teams save percentages are un-repeatable, but tend to average out to .890 over the course of many many games). Obviously the Canucks PK should improve from 76%, but risks suck. They need to concentrate on the one surefire way to not allow powerplay goals against: Penalty-box abstinence.