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Canucks vs Rangers Gamethread

7:00 pm PDT, TSN
Enemy territory: Blueshirt Banter
Enemy pro: Wait, they got rid of Sean Avery????
Enemy con: Henrik Lundqvist is really good.

When I think of this game, I keep thinking of what happened in our arena the last time they visited. Yes, the "brawl" is obviously the main highlight, but the game-winning goal came from a player we now miss dearly.
Tonight will be "Rick Rypien night" at Rogers Arena, as they will honour the memory of the fan favourite. I remember, after that game, Shane O`Brien said to reporters that "if that had gone any further, Ryp and Hordi would've helped me with Avery." Many of his former team mates remember him as a great friend and dedicated player. We, the fans, remember him as a little pitbull who would take on anyone. Rest in peace, Rypien.

Coconuts go.