Hey Darcy! Next Time Put A Sock In It

Darcy Hordichuk told the Province yesterday:

"I am big advocate of having a big guy on the fourth line just to protect those guys," Hordichuk said. "It seems the Canucks are going in a different direction. It's great for me. It's great when I get into a game like this because those are the guys you want to try to abuse on the ice.

"We'll see how they respond."

And on Alain Vigneault perhaps matching the Sedin line against his line:

"All it takes is one good hit and he'll be like 'Why are we doing this?'" Hordichuk said. "I think I have my game to the point where I can play against them.

"Hopefully, I can send a message back. All it takes is one big hit and they won't be looking for that match-up anymore."

And then 5 seconds into his first shift:

You really showed them, didn't ya Darcy? Hope you enjoyed the hospital food while we kicked your ass.

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