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Canucks and Oilers ; A-B-C, Easy As 1-2-3 (4-3)

No not this Michael Jackson and his brothers gem, but a new one for you. After the long and the short of it the past two, here you go.  With the approval for stealing the idea, and under the auspices of the proprietor's of this fine hockey watering hole, I present to you, the Eh to Zed ( that's right, not Zee!) of the Canucks latest win over the Oilers.


Here's your stats from the fine folks at ESPN.  They don't do hockey that well, but they keep a good stat sheet.


A - Today, A is for Aaron Volpatti and Andrew Alberts, the latest entrants into the line up from the press box.  After being a bit overmatched in his last game, Volpatti was much better. Opened with a big hit, finished with 3, and had a takeaway to go with being much more noticeable as a 4th liner. His whole line was better, being trusted on shifts against their counterparts.  Andrew Alberts was a strange choice versus the speedy young Oilers, but he and Salo were sound. +1, with 1 shot on, 1 miss, and 2 hits.

B - Has to be Burrows.  He was more the Triplet today than just a 200%, do anything, mile a minute player.  The chemistry and knowing what the Twins were going to do was much more on display. He had a goal ( the 3-3 one ) and 6 shots.  That making the line go led to Henrik with a goal and an assist, Daniel a helper, and a combined 13 shots on goal.

C - CBC. Had to listen to Mark Lee and the Reaugh for the first period, worked harder at the TEAM sync up, and enjoyed the game in Shorty's capable hands.  Try it sometime.  I guess they like talking about the kid, and Ryan Nugent Hopkins was the best player of the game by far.  But comparing him to Wayne Gretzky is a bit much yet, thanks.

D - Oh, poor Darcy Hordichuk. After filling the scribes' notebooks in the morning. Darcy got out there, and went for the HUGE hit.  Unfortunately, it was on Ballard, who is awesome at avoiding the hit. He did this with almost balletic ease, and even looked to get a hip in there on the spin.  Hordy went off hurt and did not return, while Hips got two ( well, 1.5 maybe, Hall jumped on the second one ) more Hips in there.

E - Alexander Edler. Looked fine with Ballard, though #4 got a minus tonight. Was even, 2 blocks, 2 hits, and led his team with 23:12 TOI.

F - Fear. The young Oilers have none of it.  I still won't say they are a "dynasty in the making" like a certain taxpayer funded enterprise, but it will be an interesting season for the young Oilers.  It still looks like too many mistakes, too many losses, and not enough defense. Most telling stat of the night?  The Oilers had 23 giveaways to the Canucks having just 3.

G - As in silent G. Cody Freaking Hodgson.  Had some moments still, and was only 3 of 10 at the dot ( a few of those I noticed were Oiler winger wins ). But still ended a +1. Had an assist on the first goal, and 2 of 3 shots on net.  What I loved was how he was excellent at both ends in the third period.  

H - Higgins.  All kinds of awesome so far this year. 2 Assists, 2 shots, 2 blocks. All heart.

I - I don't know, maybe idiot announcers?  Thank goodness for Shorty. I highly recommend the syncing up to those that have a PVR at hand.

J - Jr. Most of the Oiler line up were playing there within the last two years.  They sure showed some stuff tonight though. Out shot the Canucks 30 to 24.

K - Ryan Freaking Kesler. One of the tidbits from "After 40 Minutes" was Eliott Freidmann saying Kesler could be back for our next game against the Rags, who are struggling.  G and H can't wipe the grins off their faces on the plane back home contemplating that, I bet.

L - Can we get some love for Roberto Luongo? Yeah, the kid scored 3 goals.  I know the callers and thread ogres will be all over that. He also stopped another 27 shots, made huge saves, and somehow did it while "on his belly again".  He also made a couple awesome ones from just there.  Gotta go "Gumby" to get those long legs across sometimes. How about we just let him do the job he gets paid for?  I bet he knows quite a bit about it. To paraphrase Hunter S Thompson, he is, after all, a professional.

M - Mikael and Marco.  And Manny Malhotra.  Both Money and Marco were a -1, but Money won 16 of 22 draws.  Marco was actually marginally better. He had a shot and a block in his 13:49, and was as solid as the rest in the third period as the team played solid defense.

N - No, Taylor Hall is not like Mark Messier. Stop saying that lazy media. Not a fan of Messier, but he did not cry and wave his arms when he got hit, he went back and HIT the other guy.  Stop whining kid.

O - OHHH man, did you see that move Ryan Nugent Hopkins made? Or that one?  Kid is still as thin as a rail, but he does have sick hands. And that smart "sense" of the game.  3 goals tonight, and pretty dangerous to boot. Hope he does not get killed before he fills out!

P - Positional play.  Watching the third period after the Canucks got the lead brought a smile to my face. Because it was sort of like how I remember the team can and does play defense. Sure, there were a few rushes. But of the 16 shots attempted by the Oilers trying to tie, 3 missed, 4 got on net,  ( closest 40' out! ) and NINE were blocked ( Higgy, Juice, and Hamhuis 2 of those each). Blocks are all about being where you are supposed to be.

Q - What is Mark Lee's "Q" score?  Is it higher or lower than...say...Susan Lucci?

R - Already raved a bit about the Oiler's Ryan, but did you hear? Our Ryan might be back Tuesday!

S - Samuelsson. Sammy. Must think the team is looking at the stat sheet to judge them more, and filled almost every column. 1 A, +1, 1 s, 1 miss, 1 PIM, even blocked a shot. Seemed to play with more FU Sweden tonight.  edit : seedvt is right.  "S" should be for Sami Salo. One SaloBomb, one SaloBombWrister. 2 goals, 3 points, and he now has 4 pojnts in 5 games. 

T - Turnovers. When you are credited with 23 giveaways, and the Canucks only have 2 takeaways given.  You are not going to win, no matter how "exciting" you are, or how many Gretzky, Messier, and / or dynasty references can be woven into the play by play.

U - Underrated. Dan Hamhuis and Kevin Bieksa are underrated.  Combined for 6 blocks ( Bieksa 4), and settled down to shut down the Oilers comeback in the third.

V - VICTORY!!!!!

W - Weise like geese, not Weise like mice had an Ok game, but stood in well in a fight he probably lost, and was bloodied.  A thought for the guys that do that job.

X - is for the faceoff battle. The only reason it was not a walk for the Canucks was Shawn Horcoff and his game best 17 of 23.  ( compared to Manny winning one less ) Some winger wins in there, but he kept his team in that battle.

Y - Youth. The Oilers still have a lot of that, and will continue to play exciting games that they will just fall short in. I wonder when and if that causes some frustration and back room requests to get me out of this place in the coming years.  That is always the balancing act with teams building through the draft.  Will they see enough of the win column to keep them past their entry level deals?

Z - Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead.