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Canucks and Detroit ; A Brief Encounter (0-2)

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After zipping through the game on the old PVR, a brief synopsis after the break...go.


- Detroit had the yellow ring around the boards set to extra springy. Pucks may or may not be stored in a humidor beforehand. Babcock trains them with tennis balls when no one is watching. 

- They beat us at our own game with puck possession and getting shots, and playing pretty great defense ( how often was their second guy there to get a puck from a battle on the boards?) Kudos to the Wings. Still, the Canucks could have won this one.  Get that puck up!  Except you Burrows, get it down.  Edler you just get stronger sticks...

- What can you say about the third rail tonight?  That was a perfect hip check.  Oh well, its the "New NHL".  Next.

- There were some of our guys that had better games than others, some that were just OK, and some who's stock is plummeting.


So, Buy, Sell, or Hold?  Fun for all. Again, I am on speed racer because the new episode of Big Bang Theory is warming up in the queue. But always time for you. Here's a few, feel free to add your own. 


Samuelsson - still a Hold, but definitely trending downward. I would not mind seeing Ballard take his spot on the PP.

Ballard - speaking of, after some up and down. -1 tonight, but really, he was not THAT bad, and has been mostly solid. Buy him if you don't have, Hold if you do.  Salo, damn dude!!!

Twins - Maybe just a hold tonight, but again. A buy overall. Burrows sights being off cost some points for at least one I think.  Daniel could have tied this game himself.

Schneider - What can you say?  Two goals, and he could have had both, if we judge him by Luongo standards? But we don't, so buy him all day. Everyone else is, and he did play well besides. Come on a .946 sv % in a 2-0 loss?

Silent G - Too bad kid, in olden days thats a goal as the goal judge reacts?  Buy. Buy. Buy.  I bet he hangs around Kesler's locker every day and asks if he''s "feeling it yet"?  Of the 25 Canuck shots, just under 25% were from Higgins(4) and Cody Hodgson (2). Hansen just skated fast and hit 3 people.

Der German - Ah, Sturm.  Old Stormy. Sorry bud, those hands have not come back yet. The puck is like a bomb too him right now. Sell. Maybe really sell.  GMMG has to be at least a little concerned. OK, maybe he lifted an eyebrow...

KB3 - Filled up the stats sheet good and bad. -1,2 shots, 4 blocks, and one more giveaway than takeaway.  Buy him, follow him, bask in his smug glory.  Still love him, but as an investor you have to devoid emotion. Get better ( he will damnit!)  before the Hold turns to "market angst".

AMFB - Dude.  Easy.   We ll love you, we do. But it looks like the Angry Burr is trying to get under the skin of the Happy Burr.   Get back to enjoying dude. thinking the game with the B2B Art Rossers.

The New Guy - Dale Weise.  Lets call him Chip. Don't know why.  Still trying to finish every check. Managed to get 3 hits and a shot even in his 7:36.  Always a market darling, the New Guy is still getting noticeable. Still gets as pass with trying to learn on the fly ( I have not counted, but when is the last time they practiced? Before Columbus, like Saturday?). If you bought early Hold, Buy him while he's cheap!


OK...its called The Russian Rocket Reaction and they are geeking on a Rocket!?  Oh, wait, its a sword. They're so clever. ;-) Sheldon's going to say something smartass but fuinny next...The suspense builds.