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Random Canucks Rants After The 2-0 Loss To Detroit


If you find yourself sickened or even panicking at any level after last night's Canucks loss to the Red Wings: DON'T. It's much too early for that. I think there are more positives than negatives in the Canucks' 1-2-1 record to start the season. There are concerns, but nothing that cannot / will not be remedied. Like the fact that Cory Schneider, despite a goal he'd like to have back against Detroit, has no problem coming out of the regular season gate on a tour de force where Roberto Luongo does. I don't know if it's all the fettucini alfredo that Louie eats during the summer or what. He just doesn't do himself any favors playing this way with that kind of salary, in THIS hockey-mad part of the world while his backup looks solid and mostly consistent. But...Lou will find his form and Schneider will most likely have his fair share of bad games as well. Right? Right.

The Canucks have scored 10 goals in their first 4 games. But then, prior to the Wings game they scored 10 in 3. See? Positivity. The Sedins have been in on 6 of them if my Grade 2 math is correct. I was

thinking that percentage was higher after the loss to the Wings. The Twins were completely shut down and nobody else responded. That's not to say they didn't come close. Look at Alexandre Burrows putting that one off the crossbar and Cody Hodgson's shot that did not beat the buzzer at the end of the 2nd period. Those plays could have turned the tide, or zapped some energy into a Canucks team that looked tired and slow as the game went on. Huge kudos to Jimmy Howard for his play early on, by the way.

In that regard, I keep hearing / reading people talking about how they cannot wait for Ryan Kesler to return to right the ship. Just think about what that sounds like: BULLSH*T! If you need to rely on one guy to right a ship you are in trouble. I get bad flashbacks of the Stanley Cup Finals when I hear that. Kesler was playing with a damaged hip against the Bruins, the Sedins were held in check and the scoring dried up like a popcorn fart. UNACCEPTABLE! This team needs scoring depth. It has all the pieces to do so but is not getting it done, yet. But they will. Once they throw Marco Sturm to the wolves. Oops did I say that out loud? Well, 1 shot, ZERO points and continual demotion over 4 games aids my thinking. Oh, and he's making $2.25 million this season. A contract year.'s still EARLY. Anything can happen. The Sturmtrooper could catch fire at any time. Out of the blue. If he isn't waived.

Back to Kesler: Wait Kes! Don't come back quite yet! I really liked the HHH (Hodgson-Higgins-Hansen) line last night as the 2nd line. I saw some promise there, even though they combined for no points, 6 shots and a collective -1 (Hodgson). Speed kills. Hodgson skated much faster with those 2 and I want at least one more look at that unit together. It's just more gel time for these guys while Kesler is gone and more time for Hodgson especially to continue his rapid improvement at center in a top 6 role. The kid is finally getting his fair shake. (And yes I get it that when Kesler returns it is very unlikely that those 3 play together.)

Speaking of gelling: the team doesn't have it. Not yet. But it will come. Captain Hank can talk about need for focus and winning all he wants in post game interviews but sometimes chemistry takes time. With the Canucks it's getting close. The top line is fine. But the other 9? Huh. Close in some areas. The team needs to get back to basics. If they are modeling themselves after Detroit they sure aren't showing it. Not yet. Detroit gets solid goaltending. Detroit players play a system and trust in it. Detroit players trust in each other. Detroit players play superb at both ends of the ice. They get the fundamentals right now. Soon, the Canucks will too.

But Detroit players didn't play in the Finals last season. I have a random question to throw out there: How hard do you think it would be to play in the Stanley Cup Finals in June and then have a short summer and stare at an 82-game schedule before you get a chance to redeem yourself? Sure, these guys are pro athletes, but they are human also. For me? It wouldn't be easy. Where does the motivation come from in October besides possible professionalism and the coach's foot in your ass?

Random rants. I try to keep it in an orderly fashion but my mind doesn't work that way. You get my drift though: don't shit yourselves! We're only 4 games in!


NHL (09:37) - Red Wings schlagen die Canucks: Die Detroit Red Wings haben mit einem 2:0-Heimsieg über die ...

-I love German. DIE!!!

Canucks dumped 2-0 in Detroit. Rocky start to the year,... but we all know how Rocky stories end up. #faith

-Brent Butt gets it.

I miss 17. Not being 17. Ryan Kesler, go pose on ESPN/ go play for America, but get back on the ice for the Canucks!

-username: viagara_overdose. enough said.

@DevinC89 "@schaaptop: How do you spot a fake Canucks fan? They're wearing a Luongo jersey."

-huh. Guess I'm a fake. And that wasn't funny.

@LaineyGossip They serve proper booze at the Saddledome too...come see the Canucks lose to Calgary sometime and I'll buy you a drink!

-Now if she was smart she would have said: "IF the Canucks lose to Calgary I'll buy you a drink." Imagine the savings!

(OT: Wait a minute, what the f*ck is this??? Asshat idea!)

Well at least Schnieder was better than #Luongo. #Canucks need Kesler, the straw that stirs the drink, and livens up the rink. What I think

-Ladies and gentlemen, the next Eminem!

And 1 from TSN:

Out shot 25-37? Wow, Canuck fans are lucky Leaky luo was not in net or it would have been 6-7. I cant imagine how frustrating it must be to be a Canucks fan. The media keeps telling you that your team can win the cup, while you have a goalie that will make it next to impossible. Meanwhile, you have a goalie that could make it happen, but he will be gone by next season. It will be hard to imagine a better season than Vancouver had last year, and a better team in front of Luo, and he still couldnt get it done. Put your faith in Cory, and send Luongo to the minors for a month to humble him a bit, it may help Mr. Ego realise that he is not the greatest hockey player in history, as he believes.

-What? I don't even...

Adiose for now! See ya Saturday!