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And Boom Goes the Dynamite (Now with more Brygzalov)

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Canucks. Flyers. Let's do this.

Alberts is in the lineup tonight, and Chris "Can I touch that?" Tanev is out of the lineup. Everything else remains the same. What am I looking forward to in tonight's game?

- Seeing if Marco Sturm can generate enough speed to hit the vaunted 5 mph mark

- Seeing if Samuelsson bothers showing up

- Seeing the Luongo banter as the game goes on. This is turning into a sport in itself, watching the two warring factions go at each other over each and every single save. "See how he turned his ankle there? That is indicative of a goalie who will never win a Stanley Cup" claims CanucksRAWK2341 . 

- Injury updates from around the league from Dr. Recchi (I assume he has a TV job by now. He must. Don't let this man's knowledge go to waste)

- Bieksa and Kesler giggling at each other on twitter about beating Cody Hodgson with bags of oranges. "Welcome to the Show, rook!"


I think the Canucks will lose 4-2 as they still haven't found their feet yet this season, and Philly's young guns are going to come out flying on home ice. Wayne Simmonds will score a goal just because I didn't choose him in any hockey pool. On to the news we go!

Vancouver Canuck News: 


  • Henrik Sedin promises not to kick Methot squarely in the nuts the next time they meet and says they are all good. But he didn't say anything about Daniel..... Also, Ryan Kesler continues to look good in practice. Also, Marco Sturm has a hand injury. Yes, I was as shocked as you, apparently he has hands. [Vancouver Sun]
  • The Redemption of Keith Ballard Tour continues this year, and people everywhere are getting on board. Reviews are flooding in and they are nothing short of amazing. "This play changed my life. It really turned things around for me. I can't say enough about it" exclaimed K Ballard. Read more at [Vancouver Sun]
  • Like a kid showing off their new toy, Philly can't get enough of talking about new kid on the block Brygzalov. Watch as the Flyers beat reporters almost drool over a story about Ilya, and then read a Jagr quote in which Jagr does the ol' "We could win a Stanley Cup" story. [Philly.Com]
  • Kellan Tochkin, or "Who?" as many of you know him, is an up and coming prospect for the Canucks that looks to be strengthening his chances of one day making it to the NHL. Read all about Tochkin's quest to the Show (One does not simply walk to the Show) at [The Province]
  • Ta-Da, Thomas Drance, my boy over at Canucks Army, has put his thoughts to pen, and gives us his take on the Canucks lack of reaction to Sedin thuggery. Ta-Da doesn't mention the fact that he thinks Sedin should carry around brass knuckles and white powder to blind opponents, but I like to think he inferred it when he said "Henrik". You can tell what he meant. [Canucks Army]
  • Sometimes I come across a blog that has an idea that is so good, I want to go back in time and kill them off so I can be the sole owner of the idea. But since I don't have a flux capacitor handy, I will instead give praise to the canuckshockeyblog for their great idea of doing a game recap and the reactions that occurred on Twitter. I enjoy this idea. I give kudos for this idea. But mark my words, the minute I make that flux capacitor..... Anyways, here is a cool recap of the Blue Jackets game [Canucks Hockey Blog]
NHL News and Notes:

  • Jeremy Roenick proves that drinking doesn't have to stop after hockey, as he got all belligerent on NHL Versus last night, claiming he has had enough of hearing about Sidney Crosby's brain. Sidney's beautiful, delicious, moist brain.....braaaaaains..... This of course leaves Roenick open to any sort of "I can't hear him due to the Stanley Cup rings in my ears" jokes on twitter. Grab your popcorn folks! [Puck Daddy]
  • Uncle Gary has had enough and has apparently demanded that Edmonton finally make some headway on building a new arena for the team. Bettman achieved this by promising to hold his breath until Edmonton owner Katz meets with the city to hash things out. When this didn't work, he threatened them with nude pics of Ron MacLean. "They have to be good for something" Bettman was heard being said. [Edmonton Journal]
  • Chris "GET OFF MY LAWN" Nilan is one of the ex-NHL fighters that Don Cherry verbally attacked on Hockey Night in Canada several weeks back. Nilan, along with Grimson and Thomson, were thrown under the bus by Don Cherry, as he called them "turncoats" for stating their beliefs on fighting in the NHL. The only problem? Grimson is now a lawyer. Sorry son, you just got lawyered. Now the three men are pondering suing Don Cherry. Rock 'em, Litigate 'Em 5 is due out sometime next fall. [National Post]
  • SHOCKING REPORT: Winnipeg makes more money than Atlanta. Apparently hockey sells in Canada?? [Globe and Mail]
  • Filatov is two games into his Ottawa career and is now a healthy scratch. At one point, Columbus fans swore to Vancouver fans we'd have to throw in a Sedin with Bieksa if we had a hope of landing Filatov. Now Ottawa fans would take a slice of Fresh Slice for him. Even the gross chicken slice that may or not be chicken. [Ottawa Citizen]
  • Want to watch a franchise touch itself in front of you? Come read an article all about how awesome Hall and Hopkins are. [Yahoo Sports]