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Canucks 6 Oilers 1

Hey, I don't miss many games. I was chowing down on some excellent Russian food for Russian Xmas during this one. I missed a beauty I see. Kind of in the same boat as me? Well enjoy the highlights then!

-15 straight games without a loss in regulation. That is a franchise record!

-A players-only meeting helped the team turn things around back in November (The Province)

-Alain Vigneault will now coach in the All Star Game. (The Province)

-Seems surprising that that was only Ryan Kesler's 2nd career hat trick. Bring on the Selke? I sure hope so.

-3 points for Brother Daniel means he has 600 points in his kick ass career. The Sedins combined for 6 points.

-Andrew Alberts was a goal away from a Gordie Howe hat trick. That was a lousy scrap against Steve MacIntyre. Can Alberts even fight properly? Nope, nopenope, aaaannnnnd.....nope. A for effort. Results are an F.

-Hey Hamhuis cut it out. You may actually be an offensive defenceman! Maybe not, but he has been putting a few more points up lately. Just giving a shout out to our local hero.