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Guess the Canucks 10,000th Goal

Checking out the game notes before tonight's tilt with Calgary and saw this fact nugget:

The fans at Rogers Arena could also witness the team score its 10,000th National Hockey League goal in franchise history. The Canucks enter the contest just three tallies shy of that milestone marker having scored a total of 9,997 all-time goals since entering the League in 1970.

Vancouver could easily cash in three goals tonight if not by Friday against Edmonton or Saturday against the Wings. If they roll snake eyes it'll be next week on their East Coast trek (Islanders, Rangers and Capitals).

Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is guess the goal scorer who cracks the five digit threshold. Drop in the comments ALL of the following information (incomplete guesses won't count):

  • Player
  • Opponent
  • Period

First come, first serve; the closest guess wins. We'll announce the winner and the prize once that glorious moment happens.