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A Bit of Domination

Okay, I guess the Canucks are doing pretty good right now.  Undefeated in regulation for 13 straight games, having Roberto Luongo named 2nd star of December, having Cory Schneider on a great roll as well, having depth that is paying off (how often does the 4th line produce all the team's scoring in a win?), and being #1 in the league standings for only the 3rd time in franchise history.  Yeah, not too shabby.

Unfortunately, I do have to point out reality.  Remember that bad habit the Canucks have of playing down to the level of their opposition when they play a team that isn't doing as well as them?  Well, having the Canucks at the top of the league means that everyone is below them.  If the boys want to maintain their status of being best in the league, they have to learn to dominate their opposition as well.  Despite getting those wins against the Avalanche and Sharks, there was still a bit of questionability in how they played in those wins.  Tonight is the 14th-in-West Flames, and the Canucks should be able to handle them quite easily.  But will they?