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NM List of Canuck Nicknames, 2011 edition!

KesLord and SOB battle in front of the net....  (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)
KesLord and SOB battle in front of the net.... (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Shark? E-Money? Ginger Jesus? Some visitors and lurkers won't have any idea what we're talking about when we're shouting these names in our gamethreads here at Nucks Misconduct. We have been talking lately (okay, maybe it's mostly just me and kesrows) about how we need a list of all the nicknames we have for the players on this precious team. I did one last February, but it's a year old and needs some serious updating. So, without furthur ado, join me after the jump as we look at all the nicknames we've given the guys.

Let's start with the most important players: our current roster!!

#1 Roberto Luongo : LUUUU, Luie, Bobby Lou, LuonGod, Luongold

#2 Dan Hamhuis : Hammer

#3 Kevin Bieksa : Juice

#4 Keith Ballard : Hips

#5 Christian Ehrhoff : Blasthoff, The Hoff, Orrhoff, Errorhoff

#6 Sami Salo : Fragile Fin, Finnish MacInnis, Redshirt

#10 Jeff Tambellini : Tambo

#13 Raffi Torres : Raffi

#14 Alexandre Burrows : Mr. Everything, Bank, Burr, Alex Motherf*ckin Burrows (this one is mostly CC though)

#15 Tanner Glass : Tank

#17 Ryan Kesler : Kes, Keslord

#21 Mason Raymond : MayRay, Mase

#22 Daniel Sedin : Dank

#23 Alexander Edler : E-Money, Eler, Eddy

#26 Mikael Samuelsson : Sammy, Son of Sam, FU Sweden

#27 Manny Malhotra : Mad Money, Manny

#29 Aaron Rome : Romer

#33 Henrik Sedin : Hank, Captain Hank

#35 Cory Schneider : Schneids, Soulless Ginger, Ginger Jesus

#36 Jannik Hansen : Jank, The Great Dane, Beaker

#37 Rick Rypien : Rypper, Ryp

#41 Andrew Alberts : AA, AHLberts, NHLberts

#49 Alexandre Bolduc : Bowlduck, Duke

There are also a few call-ups from the Moose who have earned themselves nicknames when we get to see them play. Let's see the rookies and callups!

Nolan Baumgartner : Baumer

Guillaume Desbiens : The Goods, Esbiens

Sergei Shirokov : Shark

Mario Bliznak : Mario

Aaron Volpatti : Peppermint Patty, Voltron, Voltage

Lee Sweatt : Rudy, Sweatty (but what happens with this one when Billy gets called up?)

Christopher Tanev : Mr. Christie

Looking through last year's list, there were some glorious nicknames for the players who have left the Canucks this last year. Here are some ex-Canucks, including a couple special ones from years back!

Kyle Wellwood : Pudge, Wellfed, Failwood, Chubby

Steve Bernier : Hands of Stone, Death to Scoring Chances, Stank, Big Bear, Cinder-mitts

Pavol Demitra : Demo

Darcy Hordichuk : Blackout

Ryan Johnson : RyJo, Balls

Willie Mitchell : Big Stick Willie

Shane O`Brien : SOB

Brad Lukowich : Luko

Andrew Raycroft : Rayzor, Facepalm, Raysoft

Brendan Morrison : BMo

Markus Naslund : Nazzy

Todd Bertuzzi : Bert

Mattias Ohlund : Ohlie, Papa Bear Ohlie

Alex Auld : Auldy

I know for certain I am missing some nicknames, so if you guys think of any more, throw them in the comments. If you come up with a new one, and it gets enough rec's, I will add that as well.