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Mike Gillis Talks Edler, Salo, Alberts and Rome

From the Vancouver Sun:

Mike Gillis on Alexander Edler's back surgery:

"When they did the testing after the MRI there was about a one-minute debate about whether he could rehab this over a period of three to four weeks and then have him come back and play," Gillis said. "But the risk of this (injury) happening almost immediately afterwards was still there. It wasn't going to heal.

So we felt the best option and Alex felt the best option was to get it done as aggressively and quickly as possible and give him an opportunity to perhaps return in time for the playoffs if everything goes okay … There really was no other option."

On Sami Salo's status:


"When Sami is cleared medically to play we have a plan for him," Gillis said. "He has been inching along. He seemed to hit a plateau a week or so ago and now he is fighting through that. When you get to the last stages of this type of injury incremental gains are really difficult. And we are clearly being as conservative as possible with Sami. He is an older guy, a veteran player, and he has to be mentally, emotionally and physically ready to play."

He is not even near returning yet. I don't think the Canucks are hiding anything here. For all we know Salo may not return until March. Salo is very concerned about his achilles injury and does not want to have it ailing him for the rest of his life.

Gillis said Aaron Rome and Andrew Alberts should return 1 week to 10 days after the All Star Break. The team has no plans to call up another defenceman from Manitoba at this time. Given the play of Christopher Tanev and Lee Sweatt it's hard to say I miss Rome and Alberts right now but one thing is for sure: Rome and AA bring a hell of a lot more size and grit to the D corps.