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Let the Little Ones Play: Moose vs Heat Open Thread

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Update: @ManitobaMoose just tweeted me back: "Cody is in warmup with a full cage. Anticipated he will play today."

CBC has really hit the nail on the head this year by creating the program "AHL on CBC", which shows AHL games on Sunday mornings/afternoons featuring the primary farm teams for the Canadian NHL teams.  Today, at 10:00 am PST (1:00 pm EST), we get to see the Manitoba Moose (baby Canucks) on the program for the first time this season, as they host the Abbotsford Heat (baby Flames).

Some pre-game reading material:

And now a couple videos.  First, some highlights from when the Moose visited the Heat back in November.  Includes that vicious Aaron Volpatti hit:

Also, this little silly thing from the Moose prepping for this Sunday.  Dear God, this is embarassing:

Poor Baumer.

Go Moose.