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A Bit of Shootout Blues

Well, that's a way to start off a home stand.  The Canucks started off pretty well last night against the Sharks.  However, San Jose really took over after the 2nd period, getting 24 shots on Roberto Luongo in that period alone.  The Canucks did get back into gear a bit in the 3rd period, but overtime and the shootout were needed, and all 3 of our shooters failed to beat Antti Niemi.  The only bright spots of the game were Luongo's play and Henrik Sedin's sickeningly sweet goal.  Other than that, the Canucks did horribly.  I also couldn't help but notice that Sergei Shirokov was barely on the ice in the 3rd period, so I'm not sure what AV was up to there.

Oh well.  Tomorrow night we host the Flames on CBC, and this will be a great game with which to get back on track.  And since I work tomorrow until just before the Vancouver game, I would also like to take this moment to point out something special for the farm team.  As part of the experimental "AHL on CBC" programming each Sunday morning this year, this Sunday morning will be the 1st of 6 appearances being made by the Manitoba Moose.  They will be hosting the Abbotsford Heat (baby Flames), and CBC will have the live coverage at 10:00 am PST.  (Apparently, it is also Nolan Baumgartner Bobble-Head Day at the MTS Center.)  I will be reminding everyone during the Canucks-Flames game tomorrow night.  (Speaking of the Moose, follow the jump for some breaking news.....)