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Your Morning Coffee- Wednesday January 19

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It's not rocket science, really?  Nearly any team, healthy or banged-up would begin to falter towards the end of a stretch that sees them play 11 games in 18 days.  The possible bad news?  They have another 4 in the next 7 before the All Star break.  There were some positives last night however, the most notable being the play of Sergei Shirokov.  The kid was unreal, and it was great to see his hard work rewarded with a goal, the 1st of his career.  Yes, Roberto Luongo wasn't his best last night, but the guy still hasn't lost in regulation in a month and a half.  The defence provided some offence on the PP last night, but it was a shame that the PK just flat out sucked.  And for the love of all that is good and right, can they not come up with a way to shut down Milan Hejduk?  It's downright embarrassing that they can eliminate Alex Ovechkin, yet make Hejduk look like a world beater.  More after the jump...

I saw some rumblings about the Canucks not hitting enough last night, but seriously, the fact they got a point last night should be celebrated.  That number of games and they end the 5 games in 8 night stretch in the thin air of Denver?  It's amazing they didn't get blown out.  And much has to be said for Colorado goalie Craig Anderson, who did his share of giving the Avs the opportunity to stay in it.

And even if the Canucks had won last night, I would have not been pleased with the officiating.  The penalty shot call was laughable.  Fortunately Luongo stood his ground, which makes you wonder why he is so good on penalty shots and not so much in the shootout. 

Now... Raffi Torres.  You were as useless as a bag of hair out there last night.  I'd be perfectly fine to see him in the press box tomorrow night to send him a message.  Get your shit together, remember what your role is and show a little discipline. 

Poached Eggs and Toast

All Stars are dropping like flies it seems, as the Oilers lost Ales Hemsky to a concussion last night in a loss to the Minnesota Wild, and TSN's Darren Dreger is reporting that Calgary's Jarome Iginla may skip the game due to family concerns.  This will likely see Philadelphia's Daniel Briere draw in, who when he hasn't been throwing girl punches from the safety of the bench has had himself a pretty good season... Still think the Canucks broadcast team are the biggest homers around?  Sorry, not even close.  Professional, eh?  Sheesh... While I don't feel sorry for the Red Wings and their ridiculous injuries (like it's affected them at all), I do feel bad for St. Louis and Montreal.  It's amazing the Habs had a team left to ice to finish the game...

WAACH 'Cast's Band Of The Day- MASTODON

I was very excited to hear that this Atlanta, GA based band is in the process of creating a new album.  From their early days on Relapse Records to being one of those rare major label metal acts, garnering much critical acclaim to go along with their success.  I would have provided a proper video clip from their newer work, but their label still has their head stuck in the ground when it comes to things involving the internet...