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Dear Cory Schneider:



Hey Cory, sorry that we shat the bed in front of you once again. Being outscored 5-0 in your last 2 starts isn't your fault. Hell, you played marvelous in both the Wild and Rangers games yet we couldn't even score a goal to bail you out on either occasion. Now if Jannik Hansen buried his chance to make it 1-1 against the Wild and Khudobin we may be singing a different tune. But no. Beaker put a glorious opportunity right into Khudobin's chest when he had the whole net to shoot at. That shitbag Khudo got to celebrate a shutout because we were a bunch of sucks.

Yeah, that was just one of the many golden scoring opportunities we missed out on in Minny .We gave them 2 breakaways which they scored on (Havlat and Cullen) and left Madden unmolested in front of the net for the 4-0 goal. Ugh..we failed you, Red. But hey! We are still winning the Western Conference race! That has got to count for something, right?

I think we're just tired, Cory. Fucking road trips anyway.

I mean, Edler was a -3 and Hank, Ehrhoff and Kesler were all a -2. So hell, we aren't blaming you.

Keep up the great work, buddy. Honestly we don't hate red-heads.


Your brothers from different mothers.