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Your Morning Coffee- Sunday January 16

It's funny the difference a week makes, isn't it?  About a week ago I recall seeing a number of tweets from various Minnesota Wild supporters that they couldn't wait for today's game, that a beating was to ensue, etc.  So, after 3 straight losses and and injuries that see them starting their 3rd string goalie, it's gotten a little quiet over on their side of the fence.  As far as the Canucks go, it's business as usual despite losing Aaron Rome and Alex Bolduc.  Aaron Volpatti will draw into the lineup against the banged-up Wild, and Cory Schneider gets another start.  More about the Ginger Jesus after the jump...

Although it certainly didn't look like it at the beginning of the season, the Canucks coaching staff insisted that they were going to play Roberto Luongo less this season, and is that ever working out well.  Schneider is turning out to be the goalie we thought he would when they drafted him, and through this hectic stretch, Luongo has continued to look sharp, playing some of his best hockey in quite a while.  All of this means a Roberto Luongo that won't be tired out as the Canucks head into the playoffs, as well as a team that has a completely different mindset.  The mental attitude of this team is a complete 180 degree change from previous seasons.  And it's for this reason I think I have been more confident about this team's chance of post-season success than ever before.

Scrambled egg and ham wrap

For the sake of your future Oilers fans, someone tell Taylor Hall to keep his damn head up... You have to think all these injuries are going to catch up with the Red Wings sometime, right?  Just ridiculous how they continue to roll, but good teams find ways to win no matter what happens.  We're seeing that this season with the Canucks... There was a lot of rumbling on the Twitter about how if the playoffs were starting Vancouver would be facing Chicago, and this has some people absolutely shitting their pants?  Really?  Not only is that not the same Chicago team, it's also not the same Vancouver team.  And I ain't worried about facing the douchebags from Anaheim either, not that I think they will be there when the smoke clears in April... Looks like the Atlanta Thrashers are starting to come back to earth.  Another blowout loss last night and now just 1 point ahead of the 9th place Carolina Hurricanes...

WAACH 'Cast's Band Of The Day

We're off to Regina this time for the BOTD; Into Eternity.  Mixing progressive influences with thrash and death metal, this prairie act has gone through a number of lineup changes over the years, but really solidified when they hired Stu Block, former vocalist for Vancouver's Omega Crom.