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A Bit of Meh.

Grabs was doing this a bit too much last night for my liking.  (Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images)
Grabs was doing this a bit too much last night for my liking. (Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Okay, let me just say it: the Canucks played pathetically last night.  After a rough couple of first minutes, the Canucks managed to control the 1st period, with Alexandre Burrows scoring the opening goal.  In the 2nd, we fell apart and the Islanders dominated for the rest of the game.  When they scored to retake the lead in the 3rd period, I was pretty damn sure that our points streak would end with that regulation loss.  Kevin Bieksa was very lucky to get that super-clutch tying goal to force OT and keep the streak alive.  Did I not say that the Islanders like to play spoilers?  And did I not mention that Michael Grabner would play really well against us?  He pulled off 7 shots on Roberto Luongo, the most on his team out of their 41 shots.  We were lucky to get that shootout win last night, and I hope our boys show up to play against the Rangers tomorrow night.

  • Added (12:45 pm) (h/t to Semi): Hockey Wilderness (that's right, our Wild counterpart) sides with Mason Raymond on the shootout goal last night, since Kevin Poulin was being so whiny.  A quote that made me giggle: "You want to know just how bad this is, Mr. Poulin? You have me defending the actions of a Canuck. Come on, man. Really?"
  • recap of last night's game.
  • Last night's results, and today's schedule.  The Penguins-Canadiens game is available across the country on TSN today at 4:30 pm PST.
  • Conference standings.  Watch out for the Flyers, they're tied for 2nd in the league and are on a 4-game winning streak.
  • So, who are the worst players on each team this year so far?
  • Puck Daddy found video of the KO punch by Tanner Glass on Matt Martin last night.
  • Burnside and LeBrun analyze the situation with the Senators.  Is it time for Clouston to go bye-bye?
  • In case anyone has been wondering, the voting for the reveals of characters in the Guardian Project happens on their Facebook page.  The Canuck currently has a 55% of the vote against the Avalanche for Friday's matchup, so go vote!  (Includes the silhouette of the Canuck!)
  • Some pictures from the road trip, from yesterday.