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Your Morning Coffee- Wednesday January 12

The KesLORD is vengeful...
The KesLORD is vengeful...

I've said it before and I will say it again: Just win, baby.  Give the Islanders credit, they've certainly turned things around from the gawd-awful mess they were at the start of the season.  Once again this Canucks team continued to battle and found a way to win.  Some say the officials were bad.  Um, hello?  It was Auger, I thought that was established before the puck was even dropped.  Officiating has been brutal across the board this season, and every team has suffered from it.  And then we get Isles goalie Kevin Poulin calling Mason Raymond's spin-o-rama shootout goal a 'show-off move'.  Guess what, kid?  You need to suck it up.  As long as the NHL insists on having this ridiculous method of ensuring there's no such thing as a tie, they are going to encourage goals like that because it makes people pay attention.  More after the jump...

In the past  Canucks fans have felt that accomplishments by the team seemed to be ignored by the largely Eastern hockey media, but this year the team's play, and that of some of their players have forced them to stand up and take notice.  Take for example one Mr. Ryan Kesler.  A lock for the Selke this year?  Some think so.  But Puck Daddy has gone one step further, stating they feel he is their dark horse pick for the Hart trophy.  With Kes, and Daniel Sedin and his brother Henrik joining him at the All Star Game, the Canucks are finally showing that they can play like an elite team.  We all know that it's their play in April and beyond that matters, but having home ice advantage in every series would be a huge help.

French Toast... again

Lots of interesting happenings in a busy night in the NHL last night.  The Canadiens eeked out a win against the NY Rangers, in a game that had the blueshirts crying foul over PK Subban's slewfoot of Brandon Dubinsky... The Toronto Maple Leafs snagged career win 600 for coach Ron Wilson against his old team as they scored 4 in the 3rd to beat the San Jose Sharks 4-2.  The Sharks' Calder trophy candidate Logan Couture left the game after a knee on knee collision with Leafs knuckle-dragger Colton Orr... Another loss for the Calgary Flames last night as Mikka Kiprusoff was pulled after giving up 4 goals on 12 shots... Next coach to be fired?  Cory Clouston in Ottawa.  Book it... And coming up shortly on NHL Live! which can be seen on NHL Network and, a couple of Swedish twins we know will be in studio... that gets underway at 11am PST.

WAACH 'Cast's Band Of The Day- PRONG

With the Canucks in the Big Apple, I thought I would throw one of NYC's best bands at ya.  I stumbled across them while they were still an indie band, and have continued to follow their career through many ups and downs.